Whispers in the dark


Abby is in her second year of Hogwarts with two new friends. But the school is getting darker. There are whispers in the dark which only Alex can hear. Abby knows that when all her friends are paralyzed and her brother has gone missing. She knows that the snake has returned






"Even in the darkest of times there is always hope,"

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To entertain

The Element series
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Summary Edit

Abby is turning twelve and going back to hogwarts with her friends.

What she doesn't know are things are going to get shocking.

She meets Alex and Amanda, two new kids that are coming to Hogwarts.

Abby is friends with them immediately.

But when its in the middle of the term Alex starts hearing things in the walls.

Abby gets a strange letter about the Chamber of secrets.

and how it will open again.

it does not give an answer to whats paralyzing everyone.

But when its only her and Alex left (Out of their friends).

She has no choice but to go find The chamber.

Chapter 1Edit

Abby woke up for a start. She looked outside. It was extremely sunny out. The sun was half in the sky which meant she slept in. She saw Ray sleeping and she slowly got out of bed.

She got dressed quickly and went downstairs. Her mom was talking to Mrs. Wood, who looked extremely pretty.

A boy and a girl was with her. The boy was tall with brown hair and green eyes.

The girl had long straight hair that looked like it could blow in the wind easily, and looked extremly adorable. the two kids were talking quickly.

They were obviously arguing by the sounds of it.

Mrs.Wood called her "Abby, I need to introduce you to these two."

The kids eyes rested on her. The girl said quickly "Hi," the boy was silent until the girl nudged him and said "You are supposed to say Hi Doof." she smiled mischievously.

The boy looked down and said reluctlantly "Hi, I'm Alex and this," he pointed to the girl "Is my sister Amanda,"

Amanda said perkily "That's right but... I am the smart one!"

Alex shook his head and scoffed "What do you know? You are a first year!" Amanda stuck out her tounge. Alex flicked her in the back of the head and she made an "Oof" Sound.

Alex crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes "That's what you get!" Mrs. Wood said "Alex! Amanda! do you want me to tell your father?"

Edward and Amanda fell silent. Abby asked "Why are they afraid of their father?"

Mrs. Wood looked at her "Well... His side of the family participated in WWII his great grandparents were anyways."

Abby asked "Were they muggles?"

Mrs. Wood shrugged "I don't really know."

Abby asked "What side were they on?"

Mrs. Wood answered "The good side."

Abby nodded "I'm interested in history, I heard many people died in that war!"

Amanda scoffed "It interests me.. Even though it can be boring sometimes!"

Mrs. Wood looked up "It's almost the start of a new school year, are you excited?"

Abby shrugged "If it's anything like last year then yes!"

Mrs.cWood smiled. Alex looked at her confused "Last year?"

Abby nodded "It's a long story."

She saw Ray come down the stairs from the corner of her eye then remarked "About time some one woke up!"

Ray snorted "I was awake a long time ago!"

Alex rolled his eyes.

Abby said to Alex "It seems like we have something in common, We both have relatives we can't stand!"

Alex laughed "Well, what a cocky coincedence."

Abby nodded and said to her mum "Actually...... When are we going to Diagon Alley?"

Mum checked her watch "Um, soon." Abby looked at Ray menacingly.

Ray glared at her and asked "Did you get the letter?"

Abby went quiet "Um..No?"

Ray smiled "Well I did!" He waved the letter around.

Abby narrowed her eyes and tackled Ray asking "Where is my letter?!"

Ray gasped when he hit the floor and spat "I don't have your letter!"

Abby snapped "Yes you do!"

Ray heaved her off and brushed his sweater and said "Whatever... Here you go!" he passed the letter to Abby and she opened it, She read aloud:

Second year students will require:

The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 2 by Miranda Goshawk

Defense of The Dark Arts spells for Second years by Holly Gilvery

The Standard book of Simple Second year Potions by Qwerty Silver

Second year Guide to Transfiguration by Dili Bar

Enchanting Charms by Chili Will

Abby looked at her mother trying to hold back her laughter and Alex remarked "Those are weird names."

Amanda laughed "Dili Bar? Chili Will?" Ray was also trying not to laugh. Her mum on the other hand looked serious and continued "Well we might as well go now!"

She looked at Mrs. Wood "Would you like to come with us?"

Mrs. Wood hesitated and nodded "Sure.." Alex and Amanda stood up and went to Abby's van. They got in quickly. Alex and Abby sat in the back while Ray and Amanda sat in the front.

Mrs. Wood remarked "It's so busy with muggles around!"

Abby's mom shrugged "Yes well, muggles never seem to realise stuff" Mrs. Wood nodded in agreement.

Alex looked at Abby and said "I was at Hogwarts last year but I know very little on what happened."

Abby repeated "Long story, remind me later to tell you."

Alex nodded as the van stopped at the leaky cauldron. Abby's mom and Mrs. Wood stepped out.

Mrs. Wood gave a key to Alex and nodded. She and Abby's mom got back in and waved good-bye and drove away.

Alex said studying the pub "Well I guess we better go in."

Amanda complained "But it looks scary!"

Abby smiled "Not really, It's actually quite nice inside after they re-built it."

Alex nodded and pushed his sister in. They were soon in the back alley and she tapped the third brick. An arch opened to reveal the place where she had first met her friends. Julie and Derek. She nodded to them to go ahead. They stepped onto the cobblestone path.

Many shops were there and she automatticaly went to the Broom store. She remarked "Well I have enough Birthday money to buy the legendary Lightningbolt," Alex said "I would rather stick with my Firebolt."

Abby nodded "Yes, A lot of people have the Firebolt."

She went inside quickly and paid for her Lightningbolt. She walked out and watched as her friend Julie ran up to her and hugged her.

Tyler who was behind her commented "Lightning bolt eh? Planning to join the Quittditch team?"

Abby nodded "I want to be a chaser!"

Alex smiled "Me too!"

Julie remarked "I want to be seeker."

Alex said "Seekers have to be small and quick!"

Tyler smiled "Uh, Alex, Julie is small and quick!"

Julie nodded "Yeah last year I beat them in a race!"

Alex nodded "Ok!"

Tyler rolled his eyes "Beat us? Beat us?! She killed us!"

Alex smirked "Killed you eh?"

Tyler nodded "Yep!" he made a crude slice motion with his finger.

Alex looked at Abby and asked "So, are you going to try-out?"

Abby looked at him confused "What?"

Tyler sighed "What I think he means is are you trying out for Quidditch!"

Abby said "Oh... Well yes I am!"

Tyler and Alex nodded in unisen and Julie said "Let's hope me, You and Alex can make the team!"

Abby nodded "Milly is going to try out..."

Julie looked at her "Really? I hope she doesn't make it/"

Abby shuddered "Me too/"

Alex cut in and asked "Sorry to sound nosy but who's Milly?"

Abby got a grim look on her face "Milly is a Slytherin student who is mean to me and who ever is my friend."

Alex got a dark look on his face and mumbled "Oh.. Her.."

Abby asked him "Why? Did she say anything to you?"

Alex shook his head "Not of importance."

Abby sighed then they all got their stuff together and went home.

Abby was playing chess with Amanda. She heard Mrs. Wood and her mum talking. Her mum whispered "I have a bad feeling."

Mrs. Wood asked "Of what?"

Her mum whispered "It happened so many years ago, well in Harry potters time 50."

Mrs. Wood looked confused "What are you talking about?"

Her mom whispered something that she couldn't hear. Mrs. Wood let out a gasp of distress. Her mum said "You see? It's dangerous there."

Mrs.Wood murmured something and said "I guess you are right." her moms repeated footsteps meant she was pacing.

Amanda grunted "Your move."

Abby looked at her and said playfully "About time!"

Amanda shrugged. By the look on her face she was listening intently too.

Amanda asked "What are they talking about?"

Abby shrugged "I don't know."

Amanda asked "Well whatever it is, it is scaring them."

Abby looked at the door susipiciously. Yeah. It was scaring them.

What could be so scary to make the adults tremble in fear?

Abby thought You-Know-Who of couse.

It was the logical answer. Abby thought I mean what else could they be so afraid of? Abby shrugged and said "Whatever it is, It's something at Hogwarts."

Amanda wimpered "But, Hogwarts will be safe right? I don't want to miss it!"

Abby shrugged "Again, I don't know, We are going on the train soon so...".

Amanda cut in "Soon? Aren't we supposed to be leaving now?" Her mom walked in "Everyone get in the car we are going to be late!"

Amanda stood up too quickly and the chess board fell. She squeaked and tripped on Alex who was reading a book and he grunted "Hey!"

Abby stood there watching the two siblings fight while Ray came up to her and asked "What was that noise?" Abby looked at him and said "The chess board fell."

Ray looked confused.

Abby groaned "Nevermind."

Ray grabbed her collor then dragged her too the car and said "Listen, Stuffs going to go down at Hogwarts, I know it!"

He got into the car and Amanda got in beside him.

She snapped "What's your problem? You've been so snappy!"

Ray snapped back "Ok! Look who's talking, Abby! Don't you realise that Hogwarts is getting more dangerous then it needs to be?"

Alex and Amanda were unusually quiet. Either they agree with him, Or don't. They gotta decide Abby thought. Ray went quiet also. She petted her Whiskered screech and looked out the window.

Chapter 2Edit

After they were dropped off they went on the train, Abby recieved severel hugs from her friends, Jesse asked "Is it okay if I sit you with you guys? I'm tired of talking about home-work!"

Tyler giggled "Join the Club," and nodded "Of course you can Jesse, we are all friends here." They picked a comparment. And sat down talking about how their summer went.

Jesse remarked "Me and Eloise, My owl, didn't do anything special!" at that he petted a very pretty Snowy owl.

Tyler was holding his Tawny owl "Me and Pelese were causing trouble, As always," at the look of Abby's and Julies horrified faces he put up his hands "I'm just kidding."

Julie petted her Spotted owl and said "It was pretty boring, I had to resort to sending Julian, my owl, Annoying letters to Derek!"

Derek rolled his eyes "They were starting to get annoying." he shrugged and looked at his owl who was glaring at everyone, especially Julies owl.

Lily hooted and ruffled her feathers making the familer Hoot that was really pretty. Tyler commented "I always liked Whiskered Screeches."

Julie shrugged and Jesse nodded and checked his watch "We should be getting there soon," he looked out the window narrowing his eyes "Yep."

Abby looked at Julie, Everyone already had their cloaks on and Alex, Who was being silent until now asked "Is it raining outside?"

Jesse looked again "Oh yeah, Really bad too," he looked at Amanda "Your gonna have to travel on boat by the way."

Amanda laughed "I know, I heard there was a giant squid in the lake." she nodded to the lake coming in to view.

Jesse stopped smiling "I guess I left out that part," he grabbed his trunk and said "I'm gonna find some more of my buddies, See you all later." he waved and walked out.

Tyler stood up and looked at everyone "Well... Let's get going, We are taking carts, Thank goodness!" he looked at Amanda sympathetcally.

Amanda shrugged as the train halted, she jumped up and ran out, Alex rolled his eyes and stood up alongside Julie. Abby stood up last as Derek left to talk to another 2nd year and follow him.

They all walked off the train and piled into carriges, But they moved them-selves. Abby was beside Tyler and Julie was beside Alex.

Soon they were in the great hall, anxiously waiting for the first years to come. Some of the second years were muttering and pointing to the great hall doors.

Soon there were three large knocks, and Professor Fall opened the door to let the first years in. Amanda was in the front, looking quite dry, unlike the kid behind her, who was totally wet.

The hat was brought out but Abby was not paying attention, She didn't hear the song, she was too busy looking at Professor Jewel, looking snobby as ever.

Abby put a thumbs up for Amanda when she looked over calmly, it was surprising, since usually first years were trembling, but then again, Amanda was very confident and smart.

Professor Fall called "Wood, Amanda."

Amanda stepped forth with quick confident steps, Then sat down on the chair, putting the hat on the hal went silent.

Alex asked "What's taking so long?" he whispered while looking at Amanda.

Tyler turned to answer him "Well, the hat could be debating, Which is normal." he turned back as the hat called "GRYFFINDOR!"

Amanda stepped down and headed toward the gryffindor table. Sitting beside Alex and looking up to watch the rest of the First Years.

Soon after all the names were called, professor Fall took the hat and walked off, Mrs. Flake stood up "Ah Another year at Hogwarts, How was everyones summer?"

There was a chorus of Goods and mehs. Abby looked at the tables, all of them seemed to be in deep conversation.

"I have a Few notices, The Forbidden Forest is out of bounds, I hope the older students know that!"

Her eyes flashed to Four kids at the Gryffindor table, One was tall with dirty blond hair, She giggled and blushed, A boy behind her had dark brown hair and blue eyes looking at Mrs.Flake. The other girl had long flowing Ginger hair and green eyes. Then the last one was also a girl, Tan, with brown eyes.

Abby turned back to Mrs. Flake as she spoke "I think that is all, Have a nice dinner everyone."

She clapped and food appeared on the table. Tyler whispered as Julie munched into a chicken "They are all 3rd years, The Dirty blondes name is Lillian, She's okay I guess, I don't really know her personally!"

He looked at the boy "That's Joey, He's really brave, But loyal. I swear they go to the Forbidden forest for some reason, Maybe they know something?"

He shrugged then looked at the other girl with the flowing Ginger hair "That's Dana, She's very......Eccentric, But really Friendly."

He then pointed to the last girl who had brown straght hair "And that's Julianna, She's the smart one, But she's funny." he nodded then took a bite out of spaghetti.

Abby continued to stare at Lillian, There was something about Lillian that made her feel safe. She turned and asked "What's Lillians last name?"

Tyler looked up "I don't know!" and continued eating

Abby turned to Lillian who was cutting a potato, while Joey was balancing a potato on his finger concentrating. Abby watched in interest as he dropped the potato on a 1st year he said "Sorry!" Shyly and ate.

Soon all the plates were cleared off and professor Flake called "Goodnight everyone! And have a good year!" She bowed and went to talk to professor Fall, Who had returned.

Abby stood up and led her friends to the common room.


Abby was in deep sleep. She was having a dream. Well, A nightmare. It was total darkness, there were hisses and screams, whisperings of death. And snake like eyes staring at her, Then it went silent, She looked beside her and saw James staring at the eyes in shock, But was not moving

Tyler was on her other side, also staring straight and not moving. She saw Ray on the ground pale-faced and eyes closed, as if he was close to.....

Someone yelled "Abby! Wake up!" and something was shaking her. She opened her eyes and saw Julies arms folded and was tapping her foot.

Abby stood up and straightened her hair, and she got changed and asked "What?"

Julie sighed "Breakfast." and pointed at he girls staircase, they went down to see everyone waiting for them.

They went down to the main hallway, and began to eat breakfast. Soon the post arrived and she stared at her owl in shock as she fluttered down.

Chapter 3Edit

Lily held her foot up strange, as if it has hurt. She handed the note and hooted sharply and looked at Abby. Abby took the note from Lily and read it out loud

Hello Abby

Me and my four friends discovered something, that we feel that someone should know about. We have been asking the spiders if what happened all those years ago was true.

And they hissed words that were well.....Weird.

I feel that your friends should know this to, they said that the snake had an egg, but they are afraid of the turkeys crow. the elder also said "The wall was written in the possesed ones life stream, and they were called it the Chamber, The chamber of secrets" So if your owls hurt, it's proboly cause of someone trying to grab her.

See ya sometime from,


Lily flew off and Tyler was asking "LJDJ?"

Julie shrugged "Sounds like the first letter of a first or last name!"

Abby asked "Does anyone know when try-outs for quidditch start?"

Tyler looked at her "After classes I'm guessing. I'm not sure!"

Julie cut in "You might want to see Madam Hawk about it!"

"But-" Abby was cut off as Rays owl flew right into her hooting shocked and scared, Abby soothed "Lyze calm down, What's happened?" Lyze was pulling on her shirt toward the doors and kept hooting.

Tyler looked at Julie and Abby stood up "Well, Lyze seems to want us to go to!" She looked at Lyze who flew out the doors, and down the staircase.

Abby Tyler and Julie ran after him, and he went down a corridor, and he stopped and landed in front of a wall, He hooted and sat on Abbys shoulder.

Tyler spoke ""The wall would be written in the posessed ones life stream""

He looked at Abby "This is what LJJD was talking about!" he pointed to the wall, which was written in some type of red paint.

Abby whispered "We need to get out of here, and get to class, and-" There was a clunk coming from the girls bathroom that was abandoned.

Tyler, Julie and Abby cautiously went in.

They looked around and it was flooding, the sink was chipped and broken, and there was mold on the walls.

There was a misty voice "Who's there?"

Tyler asked pointing his wand at nothing "Who's there?" he looked around quickly pointing at the shape that formed in front of them.

"Sorry, I was just sitting in my stall when someone threw a book at me, It had nothing in it, I always get empty books thrown at me!" the ghost said loftily. She looked at Abby "Actually he looked like you, Except a boy."

Abby asked "Ray?"

The ghost shrugged "I don't ask names, but he threw a book at me, he seemed so angry too. But again, having a book thrown at me again for the second time, is not fun!" she pointed to the wet book.

Abby went to grab it and Julie snapped "Wait! It might be full of dark magic!"

Tyler nodded in agreement and said "Yeah get it later, let's go to class!" the two walked out without Abby.

Lyze hooted and Abby picked up the book and opened it, Surprised that there was not a single letter in it. It was empty.

The ghost had disappeared and she ran out stuffing the book in her bag, running to transfiguration.

She ran into Ray who snapped "Watch it!" he helped pick up her books and gave them back, He was holding only one book with a black cover. He pushed past her not stopping.

Abby went inside and saw the Transfiguration teacher lecture them about turning funiture into animals, What they are gonna practice on pin cushins.

She gave Abby a porcupine and she started poking absently.

Lyze had flew off when Ray bumped into her.

James, who whispered "Hey? What happened?" Abby explained what happened and he said thoughtfully "I'll go have a look after the first quidditch match." he went to work getting the porcupine into a Pin cushin.

After all classes she went down to the try-outs. Madam Hawk was talking with Julie and Alex and Tyler, they all turned when she came and she asked "What's going on?"

Madam Hawk shrugged "Just waiting for the captain and others."

The captain was a black haired boy and he said "Welcome, I'm Julien!" he held out his hand and Abby shook it and he said "What are you trying out for?"

Abby thought "Chaser!" and nodded when the rest of the team walked out standing behind Julien 2 chasers were missing, and the seeker was missing,

Julien had told them "They graduated," and said "Show me what you can do."

Abby mounted her broom. and looked at Julien. Julien blew his whistle and Abby flew above ground, Tyler and Alex and Julie mounted theirs and kicked off and flew beside her. Abby was happy when they raced each-other.


They came back to the entrance hall and was greeted by Jesse who was smiling "Try-outs?" They all nodded "I made it on the Ravenclaws team."

Abby nodded "We made it too."

Jesse nodded "Awesome, the first match is in October."

Tyler said "Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw."

Jesse nodded "Good luck." he walked off past James who was holding something and he hurried "I took a look a bit early, and poked around."

He continued "Also the sink kind of moved when I stared into the snakes eyes. And I bolted out of there when the ghost gave me a fright."

He gave her the piece of paper to Abby "And that writing..... Please tell me it's not what I think it is!"

Abby looked closely at it "Umm, It's in a weird language, I-I can't read it." She gave the letter to Alex who was looking at it in shock.

Tyler asked "What is it?"

Julie and Abby watched as Alex said "It says that only a Parseltounge will ever save your friends when the time comes" he gave it to James who was reading it upside down and he asked "How did you know what it said?"

Alex sighed "It's written in Parselmouth."

Alex walked off quickly and Tyler asked "What's his problem?"

Julie shrugged "I'm going to the libary, see what I can find on Parseltounges and Parselmouths!" she ran off.

Abby looked at Tyler and James "I'm gonna go back to the bathrom!" James said and he ran off.

Tyler nodded and said "Let's go find Alex, see what he knows about Parselmouths!"

They hurried off up the staircase and into the common room where Alex was staring into the fire.

Tyler asked "Alex? How could you read the Parselmouth?!"

Alex jumped and tackled Tyler "Shhhh!" and he looked around as if there was something wrong.

Tyler got up "No ones here you can tell us, besides we don't even know what a Parselmouth is, so...." he sat down and waited.

Alex sighed "I could read it because im a Parselmouth, I can speak to snakes, and can even hear them, There's one in the school, I can hear it in the walls," he looked down "It's awake, It speaks of whispers of-of hurting others."

Abby asked "It's gonna get someone ain't it?"

Alex was about to say something when Julie burst in with a book "Found it!" she said happily and sat in the middle of them all "A parseltounge or Parselmouth is a person who can talk to snakes, The founder of Slytherin was a Parselmouth."

She looked around "Some say that he hid a snake in a chamber deep underground, This snake, can paralyze any who sees it's reflection, or can kill if someone looks at it's eyes without the reflection, And it's greatest fear is the cawing of a rooster."

Julie closed the book "Alex is a Parselmouth, that is how he could understand the writing, Strange though...."

Abby asked "What?"

Julie sighed "I bumped into Jesse who was stammering something fierce, Like he saw a ghost, or something worse even." she looked at Abby "Where's James?"

Abby was about to say something but was interrupted.

Tyler said "He went to the girl's bathroom again, I'll go get him!" he stood up and walked out.

Alex was silent. Abby asked him "What is it?"

Alex sighed "Um, It's James, I just heard a hiss, coming from the bath-room."

Abby and Julie looked at each-other "Tyler!" Julie put her head in her hands "If the snake can kill someone just by looking at them, They are in trouble!"

Julie was about to stand but Abby gasped "No! If you go you'll get paralyzed or worse! Let's hope Tyler is okay." Alex was looking around then said "Shhhh!" they went quiet.

They looked at each-other, and Alex asked "Can you hear it?"

Abby put her ear to the wall "Umm, all I hear is running water."

Alex looked at her and pointed downwards and continued to listen to the wall, and he narrowed his eyes and sighed "Okay, it's gone now." he walked up to the dormitory.

Julie shrugged and dragged Abby to the girls dormitory, they got dressed and went to sleep, but Abby could swear she heard hissing coming from the walls.

Chapter 4Edit

Abby was being shaken awake by Julie who sounded like she was crying "Abby! Abby wake up!" she was even pinched and Abby grumbled "What's wrong? Did Tyler set the castle on fire?"

She could hear Julie giggle while crying "I wish it was only that!"

Abby looked at Julie "Well? What is it?"

Julie stammered "Mrs. Flake just told me, they have been-been, paralyzed!" she dragged Abby out of bed "The snake also got Jesse! Apparently he heard Tyler and went to check it out and-and..." she sniffed

Abby gasped "Can we see them?"

Julie shuddered "She told me we could see them any time we like." she hurried out with Abby behind her, they hurried to the hospital wing.

Madam Glauz welcomed them "I'm sorry dears, they are paralyzed, thank the world that madam Fellis knows her herbs." she led them to their friends who all looked in shock

Madam Glauz left them alone and Julie remarked "James and Tyler looked like they fell in something wet, and Jesse looks eeriely calm."

Abby was drawn to the mirror in Jesses hand while James was clutching something. Julie fought to get it out of his grasp while Abby said horrified "Jesse knew."

Julie finally got the paper out and read it "Sink, That's all, Sink." she looked at James.

They rounded on Tyler who was also clutching something Abby saw that it was a note written in his writing and she read it


Julie was right. If you find this, it means I've been paralyzed, so im gonna talk to you this way, The snake, James was holding something but I heard foot-steps and hissing, I think it said Sink or something, But whatever, and....

The last word stopped abruptly and Julie looked at Abby. Abby saw Lily waiting by Tylers bed-stand and she went over to Lily and said "Go find Alex, he needs to know what happened!"

She wrote a quick note and Lily flew off.

Julie was staring at Jesse and she was looking at the mirror. She sighed "I guess when he heard it, he must have brought out the mirrior, Which Tyler looked through."

"And James was alone, but there must have been a flood, so he saw the reflection of the snake in the water." she clutched Tylers hand.

Abby asked "You like him, don't you?"

Julie sighed "Yes, but if you tell him I'll curse you." she sighed and let go of his hand "So... Who do you like?" she asked pointedly.

Abby thought "I don't like anybody right now!"

Julie nodded slowly then something brown and feathery slammed into her head

"OW!" Julie exclaimed "Lyze!" she was standing up and Lyze was glaring at the two girls, who were looking at it confused.

Abby looked at the owl "Something wrong?" she asked pointedly "What's Ray up to?" then she saw the book that Lyze was carrying.

He dropped it on the floor and flew off. Abby grabbed it and a note slipped out, it only said two words that were horribly scribbled, in a familier hand-writing

I'm Sorry

Julie grabbed the note from Abby "What could it mean?"

Abby shrugged not sure "I don't know..... It looks like Rays hand-Writing, but why would he say sorry?"

Julie shrugged "Maybe he knows something we don't?"

Abby nodded slowly suspiciously wondering why the Hand-writing was so familiar. She couldn't put a name on it.

Julie prodded her out of her thoughts "Should we get going?"

Abby looked at her and nodded "Yeah, hey does this hand-writing look familiar too you?" She handed Julie the note.

Julie was silent for a bit before saying "Well, no, sorry Abby, but listen, They cancelled quidditch" Julie said grimly.

Abby sighed "I heard, and truthfully I can see why, they proboly don't want more players getting paralyzed."

Alex's voice was heard behind them "What matters most is we find this sink, the problem is, there are a lot of sinks in hogwarts, we just have to find the right one."

Abby sighed "Too bad they didn't say which bathroom."

Julie widened her eyes "I think the I know which bath-room!" she ran out leaving Abby and Alex dazed at her speed. No wonder she was seeker.

Alex and Abby glanced at each-other and cautiously stepped out, the halls were dark and fore-boding, the lights were flickering and Alex froze. "Do you hear that?" he was looking down the hall with narrowed eyes.

Abby was frozen too, not sure wether to run, hide or just scream. Alex looked icily calm, and the hall went quiet, Abbys heart pounded.

"Erm... Alex?" she poked him.

Alex gasped "Julie.... She's she's....." Abby blinked and he was already running down the hall. Abby hurried after him and stopped mid-run panting Wheres Ray when you need him?

Abby looked around, the hall was dark, with dimly lit torches, and there was not a noise, and no Alex or Julie. Just Abby.

There was a squeak "A-Abby?"

Abby whipped around, and relaxed when she saw Amandas eyes looking down the hall. Abby heard a hiss, she heard it and apprently so did Amanda who whimpered.

Abby gently pushed her away "Get to the hospitol wing, take Jesses mirrior, then get to the common room, and don't look back!" Amanda and hurried off.

Abby saw Lyze who was on a lamp and looking down the hall, he then flew off with a grim screech, Abby shivered and turned the corner only to see the something that she feared most.

Alex was crouching over a frozen some-body Julie..... Abby bent beside him "Wha...."

Alex made a shhh motion and pointed into the bath-room. Abby started to go in and she mumured "Incendio...." the lamps were lit to show a sink, with snake heads.

Abby kept her wand out while Alex tried to figure something out. Abby did what James did and the eyes started to glow.

The misty voice behind he muttered "You need a parselmouth."

Abby looked at the ghost confused. The ghst shrugged and disappeared.

She heard murmuring in the hall and she walked out to find severel teachers surrounding Julie, Alex came in beside Abby and whispered "Come on... After they leave let's follow them!"

Abby nodded and pretended to leave, but all they did was hide in the corner. I wish I had my invinsibility cloak. The teachers left madame Glauz to take Julie to the hospitol wing, and when she disspeared they began to follow the teachers.

She heard Professer Allison, the Defense against the dark arts teacher muttered "If we don't do something about this, every student will be paralyzed!"

Proffeser Fall muttered "Why don't you do something about it before the other one finds out?" they were standing in front of a red painted wall.

Professor Allison was stammering and went silent and Edward whispered "The wall says "He will be stuck in the chamber forever"... Creepy!" Abby was frozen, it was all coming together.

The wall with the familer hand-wrinting and the red-paint. That writing was Rays.

The note that said I'm Sorry. That was Rays too.

And this new writing on the wall, was also Rays, and very red, like new blood.

Blood... Abby then figured it out and she whispered to Alex "That writing, it's blood isn't it?" Alex nodded a bit too quickly and looked at her.

Abby understood immedietly, her brother was the one being controlled by who knows what.

He wrote the writing on the wall and tok the book then gave it back.

And last?

He was in a lot of danger.

Abby dragged Alex away when Proffeser Allison headed down the hall toward her office and she whispered "We have to confront her!"

Alex only nodded and hurried off with Abby trailing close behind. Abby was determined to save her brother, and end the snake.

Once and for all.

Chapter 5Edit

When they entered the office, Professor Allison wasn't doing anything really, she was only staring at a piece of lined paper.

Abby coughed "Er ma'am."

Allison jumped and relaxed "Oh Abby, hello"

Abby bursted out of pure fury "You Have to save my brother! I know he's a pest, but he's still my brother! And if you don't do anything I'll feed you to the snake in his place!"

Allison muttered "Calm yourself, I was going!"

Alex pointed out "Then why were you staring at a piece of paper?"

Allison quickly shuffled it away "Important notice, now.... Where is the chamber, I need that to go save the student!"

Abby and Alex glared at each-other and Alex muttered "We know exactly where it is." they quickly dragged Allison away from her office and down the dark halls.

Allison muttered "Why is it still alive? I thought Harry killed it years ago!" she complained all the way to the bath-room.

Abby opened the door and pushed them all in. Closing the door behind them she looked for the ghost "Myrtle!" she called and Myrtle floated out "Yes?"

Abby asked "How do we open the sink?"

Myrtle growled "I already told you, you need a parsel-mouth!" Abby sighed in exasperation "I know! But what does he have to do?"

Myrtle screeched angrily "Speak it! To the sink head!"

Abby heard Alex hiss something and there was a deep rumbling, the sink was starting to move away to reveal a huge gaping hole.

Abby looked down. There was only endless darkness, She heard Lilys soft call and she looked up she was holding the sorting hat.

When she grabbed the hat a note slipped out that said:

Dear Abby

I speak for all your friends when we say, good luck, if you believe in yourself, the thing that will destroy the beast will appear, and the Phoenix will help you also.

I'm sorry for your brother, but you don't have much time. Hurry and save your brother from him.

Best wishes from Lillian Joey Dana and Julianna

Abby felt better when she held the hat and she sneakily pushed Allison down who screamed in shock, the Alex went.

Abby looked at the door and wished that Jesse was here, he'd know what the letter meant, and better yet, they faced him before with each-other.

But she went down witha horrid thought, what if Ray was dead? What if Alex was killed? What if the weapon never appeared?

Abby was just gonna have to find out for her-self

What it truly means

To be a friend, a family member, and a sister who actually cares what happens to the brother that was mean to her.

Abby then understood as she slid down. It was not Ray talking to her, it was the thing controlling him. Abby regretted all the stuff she had said to Ray, cause now she might never see him again.

Abby pushed every grim thought away as she fell on bones of prey, Alex was climbing over rocks while Allison was knocked out.

Abby asked "What happened?"

Alex sighed "A rock fell and hit her, and I don't know about you, but we better hurry."

Abby nodded and clambered up after him.

The sewer had hanging green seaweed, Abby knew they must be under the lake. There was a lot of water, and at the end was a door with 5 snakes stretched out and locking the door.

Alex and Abby slowly walked down the hall, afraid of the snake and the murkyness of the sewer.

Abby and Alex stopped in front of it and Abby ran her hand down one of the snakes, Abby saw it's eyes glow when Alex approached.

Alex hissed something and their were clicking noises, a snake was wriggling it's way torward the other snakes, which coiled back as the snake made a sircle and opened the door.

Abby and Alex headed in, there was a dreay open hallway leading to a big room with a statue at the end with a flowing beard and a scary mouth.

Abby saw Ray, on the ground, torn and bleeding, and very pale.

She was about to screech out his name when Alex growled "Shh, we don't want to disturb it...."

Abby rushed over to her brother who was clutching the book wich had tape in the middle, he was pale and his eyes were closed.

Abby put her hand on his hand and it was cold. She whimpered "Is he dead?"

Alex who was looking around and came over, he looked at Ray and was lost in thought "No... not yet."

Abby looked at him and she heard a voice "Well, I was hoping you two would come here, after this, I will be able to rise again." Abby looked up to see a boy who was smiling.

The boy sighed "I am Tom, or.... Voldermort" he glared at Abby "And , if I am too rise, I need to be rid of you and your friends."

Abby was standing now, she held her wand up and she was glaring. Tom laughed "Think you can just... Make me vanish? When your brother who is dying, you need to kill the snake to revive him, or did Lillian tell you that already?"

Abby snapped "She already told me!" Alex looked ready to say something.

Tom sighed "I'd hate to waste such a young strong spirit." he turned to the gaping mouth and said something in Parsel-mouth which Alex repeated.

Tom screeched "No! You'll kill us all!" Alex continued to hiss words that Abby couldn't understand and she saw a snake slide out of the mouth.

Alex whispered "The snakes confused on who controls it, this will give you some time to hurt it."

Abby nodded and looked at the hat shaking it which way while the snake looked at it's two owners, Alex had his eyes closed while murmuring, that's when she heard a silky call.

Yew had flew in, Mrs. Flakes golden phoenix attacked the snake and poked at it, blinding it.

The snake writhed and squimed while Abby shook the hat real hard.

Come On! My brother needs me! He will make it! that's when something fell onto the hard stone ground.

She heard the snake hiss and she looked to see it turn on Alex, She yelled "Alex! Get back!"

Alex backed away and she got an idea "Wait! Distract it!"

Alex yelled as he dodged the snake "With what?!"

Abby saw a rock and she yelled "Throw a rock at it!" and she picked up the white gleaming sword.

Abby waited till the snakes second lunge to rush forward to where the mouth would lunge next.

When it lunged she took her chance and stuck the sword into the top of it's mouth, it screamed and spit out a tooth which Alex grabbed at just the right moment.

The snake screeched and writhed then fell to the ground dead.

Abby was panting while Alex held the gleaming tooth.

Abby sighed "Good catch!"

Alex nodded as Abby went towards her brother who was stirring.

"What happened?" he rasped as he looked up at Abby.

She heard a scream and looked up in surprise, Alex had stuck the tooth right through the middle of the book. which was spurting black ink.

Tom was bursting into a million light pieces.

Alex let the book and tooth drop.

Abby sighed and helped her brother up, who looked really sick "Let's get out of here!" When she said that Yew cawed and picked up Abby and her friend and brother and lifted them out of the chamber.

Chapter 6Edit

Abby and Alex were standing by Mrs. Flakes desk while she hid the book, she murmured "Thank you, Yew." Yew only squaked and ruffled it's feathers.

Alex asked "Will our friends be alright?"

Mrs. Flake nodded "Oh yes, Madam Glauz is giving them the Mandrake potion now, I'd say they'll be awake by the feast!"

Abby asked "Wha-What about my brother?"

Mrs.Flake continued smiling "Why don't you see for your-self?" she indicated to behing Abby.

Abby turned and saw Ray who was leaning against a wall and Abby rushed forward to hug him.

Ray muttered "Your squishing me, Abby," but he hugged her back. "I'm sorry for what I did to your friends."

Abby gasped "You bloody idiot! It wasn't you!"

Ray sighed, still not believing her.

Abby nodded to Professor Flake and led Ray and Alex out of the room and down the grand stair-case where Julie was waiting for them.

Abby gasped "Julie!" Julie ran up to her and hugged her "That was fun!"

Julie dragged them all into the dining room, which was full of clamering students whispering to each-other and laughing.

Abby, Julie and Alex began to eat while Alex said "Guys, Look!"

They all turned in syncronization and they jumped up, James, Jesse, and Tyler were standing and smiling at them.

Abby and the others ran toward them. They hugged and Tyler cheered "You figured it out!"

James smiled at Abby "Good job, sorry I couldn't write more."

Abby hugged him tightly "Don't worry about it, it made it interesting."

Mrs. Flake called over the cheers "What a year! Now let's eat but first!" she clapped and banners of gold and red flashed out of no where.

"Gryffindor has won the house cup!" she yelled. And the whole hall, except Slytherin, bursted into cheers.

Mrs. Flake waited for the silence to go down "Now, have a good day! And be ready for next year!"

Everyone threw their hats up into the air.


Abby and Ray were on Kings cross saying their good-byes to everyone except Amanda and Alex, who were going with them.

Abby called "Goodbye!"

But she heard a voice "Be ready to get Demented!"

Abby then realised that next year will not be normal.

What did Tom mean by Demented?

What might happen to her friend?

What's in store for her and her friends, who seem to have the responsibility of the world and the wizarding world on their shoulders?