About the SeriesEdit

This series is something I will write soon, once I come up with ideas and names. It is about how Voldemort had a son and he is trying to do as Voldemort did: try to take over the world of magic.

It would be great if you could go onto my blog and come up with a character. That way I would start my series sooner. I would make a link, but I tried and it doesn't work. Thank you!


Book 1: Entering Hogwarts

(There will be seven books total.)

Main CharactersEdit

Lillian - Tall brown-haired girl with honey-brown eyes.

Isabella - Petite girl with brown ringlets and sparkly dark eyes.

Matt - Tall black-haired boy with blue eyes.

Joe - Brown-haired boy.

Professor Blizzanor - Old man with a white bear; headmaster of Hogwarts.

Professor Slace - Young man with brown hair; Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and head of Gryffindor.

(Thank you to Birdpaw for creating Lillian, Matt, and Joe, and SmudgyHollz for creating Isabella.)