Jocelyn SawyerEdit

Has auburn hair and honey eyes. Pure-blood. She has a bad relationship with her amily and is god friends with one of her family's elves, Edlyn. She loves Quidditch, being a great sport and a way to run away from difficult times. She has a swnoy owl named Halo.

Melinda GonzalesEdit

Light brown hair and blue eyes. Half-blood, pretends to be Pure-blood because she hangs out with Yvonne. She was chosen to be in Ravenclaw with Jo.

Veronica MonroeEdit

Has curly dark brown hair and gray eyes. Muggle-born. She has a dark brown tabby cat with white belly and pale gray eyes.

Yvonne CarlisleEdit

Has short blond hair and green eyes. Pure-Blood and proud of it. She's mostly describe as a show-off and aperantly hates muggle-borns or mudbloods.

Jace CarsonEdit

Kevin DallasEdit

Charlotte MorgensternEdit

Gabriel MorgensternEdit

Damon NixonEdit

Christian JettEdit

Quinn WhitneyEdit


  • Darius Sawyer
  • Gwendolyn Sawyer
  • Logan Ivan Sawyer
  • Meredith Russo
  • Edlyn
  • Rigby


  • Mrs.Kendall
  • Mr.Sedgwick