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Nakia Eifa is a First Year at Hogwarts and excels at all her classes. She is revered by the teachers and students, but she only seems to be thinking of one thing.



Reason For Writing:

I felt like writing a series about a villain, so...yeah.

Lord Voldemort was dead. He was never coming back.

Well, that's what they all thought.


Nakia Eifa. Greek and Hebrew girl. Youngest child. Smart. Tall. Dead skinny.

Too many titles for one so young. She was only eleven, yet people were already placing her in different Houses. Ravenclaw was the most popular. Her parents were both in Ravenclaw but her siblings somehow ended up in Gryffindor, so there were two House she could be in. Yet Nakia didn't want to be in either of those Houses, she would rather be in Slytherin, but she couldn't tell her parents that. Slytherin was for the cunning, the ambitious. The rest were for fools.

At least, that's how Nakia saw it.

Slytherin was the best House, it was for the ones who actually knew where their loyalties lie.

But, before we dwell further to see exactly what House the young child was Sorted into, we should see her personality and history.

Nakia Eifa was born to Chloe and Joshua Eifa on October 31, 3212 or Halloween.

She is related to Hermione and Ronald Weasley, two of the people who went with Harry Potter to stop Lord Voldemort.

Her siblings, Zoe and Jacob Eifa, were twins born on July 1, 3210. Both her siblings liked to joke around but their grades were terrible. They would always make jokes to let go of tension, but some could call them insensitive. Nakia was the exact opposite of her siblings. She was very smart and rarely ever smiled.

Both her parents revered Nakia, but when she wasn't in the room Mrs. Eifa would whisper her worries about her youngest daughter. Mr. Eifa shared the same worries, but he tried to not tell his wife. He could be wrong, Nakia could just dislike jokes and would rather study.

Oh, how wrong he was.

But we're getting too far ahead, we're on Nakia's First Year, not her Seventh. We are here to explore and find out why exactly Nakia became what she now is, and how we can stop it. Because, in all honesty, this is Lord Voldemort all over again, but this time, there is no Boy Who Lived.

Chapter One - HogwartsEdit