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  • Teddy Lupin's child


  • Triwizard Tournament


Chapter One Rewrite (1)Edit

Number 13 Hackamore Lane was a small, rather inconspicuous house tucked into an English suburb. If you happened to glance at it, you would never have guessed that its residents were far from ordinary. But if a passerby had happened to glance up at it on a warm July night, they would have been met with a rather curious sight.

Evelyn Licht was woken by a soft, yet insistent tapping at her window. "Go away," she mumbled into her pillow. However, the tapping only became louder and more persistent. Sighing, she eventually slid out of bed and tiptoed over to the window, careful not to wake her mother, Megara. She opened the window, and a large brown barn owl swooped in. It dropped a letter onto her desk and nipped her finger affectionately, then settled itself onto her nightstand.

Evelyn opened the envelope with anticipation, her hands trembling in excitement. A piece of heavy parchment paper slid out. On it, words were scrawled in a familiar handwriting.

Dear Evelyn,

Your sister and I are stopping by tomorrow for a visit. We'll be staying for a week. Tell your mother for me, would you? I'm sure she won't mind too terribly.


Evelyn smiled. Her mom would mind, that she was sure of. But Evelyn didn't mind. She looked forward to her father's visits. He always had some fascinating specimen to show her, and he knew loads of interesting facts. Besides, he brought her closer to what she had always longed for -- magic. As for her sister, well, Evelyn was sure that she would be able to put up with Ophelia for a week. Smiling, she crawled back under the covers and was fast asleep in seconds.

The next day dawned bright and early. Evelyn glanced around her room blearily, then froze. Brownie (the owl) was gone. Evelyn groaned. She had a nagging suspicion that Brownie had found the kitchen. Megara would not be pleased.

Evelyn quickly got dressed and dashed downstairs. Her mother was already in the kitchen, surveying the damage. She acknowledged Evelyn's presence silently.

"Your father's coming to visit, isn't he?" Megara finally asked wearily.