This was a time when in Hogwarts, a long time ago before even Snape went there that Wizards were only aloud. But a witch is invited by accident, the hogwarts Minister mistook her for a wizard. Luckily she comes and becomes friends with an actual wizard, he doesn't know her secret. But when she keeps messing up the spells he gets suspicious.

This is a story about true friendship.


By- Wetty


Isabelle looked at the owl that stood on the window-sill of the window in her bedroom, she was only a 14 year old girl. She never thought an owl would appear.

Isabelle slowly walked over to it, she tripped on her flying-broom she left on the ground but quickly caught herself. She saw the owl had a note.

She reached out for it and quickly grabbed it.

She read it.

Dear Isabelle,

I'm glad to say you have been accepted into Hogwarts, the academy of Wizardry. We were suprised at your find skills and we are glad to welcome you as a wonderful wizard. We will welcome you to the house of Ravenclaw, since you have tooken the test at your nearby public school and got all the answers correct it showed you were a wonderful wizard and a good one for the house of RavenClaw. Thank you.

The Minister,

Isabelle gasped and let go of the note, they would be coming for her soon. In that orphanage she lived in. But there was only one problem.

She wasn't a wizard.

She was a witch.

Chapter OneEdit

Tucker Finn looked out the window of the second story of the Ravenclaw house. Many younger kids than Tucker were running around playing with their wands.