This is a series by me, Birdpaw Genre: Its a little bit of everything

The Element series/Characters

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Abby's Letter - 11 year old Abby Snow is starting her first year at hogwarts with her brother. She meets Greg, Tyler, Nick and Derek and Julie at Hogwarts. But things are not always what they seem. Abby has recieved a strange Letter about the Dark lord and the Other Elements. When she realises that everything is de ja vu can she do what Harry potter did so many years before?

Whispers In The Dark -Abby is starting her second year at hogwarts and has two new friends. But when one starts hearing whispers in the dark Abby believes that it may not have died or it may have had another to wreak more havac. And when a friend is paralyzed she realises hogwarts is not as safe as it used to be.

Demented- Summer got boring, she plays muggle games with her wizard friends.... But lately, somethings gone wrong. When she visits Julie in her huge house out in the country, she starts crying for an unknown reason, Abby wondered what was wrong.

What could be wrong?


Abby-A blonde haired girl with stunning blue eyes. She is somewhat the leader of her group and is a happy go lucky one. It is unknown who she likes bt she does not know who likes her.

James-A blonde spiky haired boy with green eyes. He is usually quite talkitive and his bravery and recklessness and enthusiasim knows no bounds.

Tyler-A Brown haired boy with Brown eyes. He is friends with Derek and Nick and will hang around with them most of the time. He is a happy go lucky and supports the group if one of them is upset

Ray-Abbys brother and twin. He usually does not hang around his sister much but always seems to know how shes feeling. He is also very talkitive and does not seem to like anybody. He is usually seen with Summer

Julie-A short, Brown haired blue eyed girl. She is Abbys best friend and always seems to want to get everything done. Stubburn and Loyal she sticks with Abby during harsh times

Alex-A brown haired boy with green eyes. Friendly and protective of his sister and is good at Transfiguration. He actually is a second year with Abby and His sister Amanda is a first year. he is griffindor but was not mentioned in Abby's letter (The last story)

Amanda- A blonde haired Blue eyed girl. Friendly and Cheerful. She always gets into trouble she is going into first year and is smart at potions She always can get her friends out of a tight spot

Phurba "Key"Edit

This Key will have a role later on (NOTE: I'm studying other cultures and i stumbledupn this culture, which is really unteresting)

This is what it looks like (Vaguely)