Bayne Quilion: Eleven-year-old boy who has black hair

Marissa Quilion: Bayne's mother who mysteriously died...

Aaron Jabbar: Turquiose-haired boy who is a friend (or pretends to be) of Marissa's; Eleven years old

Sabrina Zaida: Headmistress of Whisper Hollow

Faith Garplye: Twelve-year-old with blond hair, very interested in Bayne

Falcon Jabbar: White-haired fourteen-year-old; Aaron's brother

Cahira: Warrior defender of the Yang Castle

Sihma Quwen: Queen of the Yang castle

Yo-Han Quwen: King of the Yang Castle

And a few more but I'm too lazy to put them on.

Chapter One

Bayne woke up on the couch, but he fell asleep in his room. Odd. Bayne yawned and his stomach growled. He stretched and walked to the cooler. There was some leftover sausages from last night.