Yay! First book in the series! Remember, It's James' POV.

Chapter 1Edit

I hopped onto the train and stuck my head out the window. I waved to my parents and watched as their faces slowly disappeared as we got moving. I pulled my head back in and looked around. I saw an empty compartment and sat down, examining my wand.

Maple and dragon heartstring, Ollivander had told me. I had done this a million times since I got it, but I didn't care.

I heard a knock on the compartment door. There was a small, dark haired boy standing there, with his trunk in one hand and an owl on the other. I motioned for him to come in. He smiled and pulled open the door. He sat down and grinned ruefully. I saw the beginnings of a black eye.

"What happened?" I asked. "Tried another compartment." He said. "Some big Slytherin kids in there. Apparently they don't like first years." He grimaced. "They didn't feel like hexing me." He sat down with a thud. I tried to lighten the mood with a few questions."What's your name?" I asked "Sirius Black." he mumbled. "What house do you want to be in?" Before he could answer, the door opened again. There was a boy and a girl, the boy had dark hair and a long nose. The girl had chestnut hair and freckles. I scooted over, and patted the spot next to me.

"Thanks." The girl said as she stepped over and sat down. The boy looked wary, though I couldn't really tell, as the greasy mop he called his hair was in his eyes. The girl motioned. "Come on, Severus!" Sirius let out a small snort, and I couldn't blame him. Severus was a funny name.

Severus grumbled as he flopped onto his seat next to Sirius. "So," I asked. "What's your name, missy?" She rolled her eyes. "Lily Evans."