Former student of Hogwarts, Jeremy Trotter decides that he wants to lead a Muggle life. Hopeless even in the world of magic, he finds himself living all sorts of absurd and entertaining adventures.

Set OneEdit

Jeremy Trotter and the Curse of Ben "Funky" - When invited to a party by his new friend, Livvy Hampsterfoot, obviously Muggle, Jeremy instantly agrees. But at the celebratory event, he finds that it is best not to get on the wrong side of the entertainer. Especially if said entertainer is actually a Dark Wizard in disguise...

Jeremy Trotter and the Sacred Pedal Bin - Jeremy decides to fulfil his life-long dream of owning a pedal bin. It is only when he brings it home from Tesco does he realize that there is something wrong with it. Is it magic? Is that the reason that it keeps opening automatically?

Jeremy Trotter and the Evil Hairdresser - Jeremy has never been to the hairdressers. Therefore, when he entered through the double doors, he didn't quite know what to expect. All he knew was that he didn't expect that. But when he turns to flee the salon, he finds that he can't remember quite how to get out...

Jeremy Trotter and the Missing Dandroils -

Jeremy Trotter and the Magical Keys - Keys, Jeremy has decided, are wonderful inventions. He soon finds out that they are truly the opposite. When he loses the chain containing all of his keys, he finds himself in a very tricky situation...

Jeremy Trotter and the Enchanted Trousers -

Jeremy Trotter and the Secret Sellotape -