In the Time of the Shadows 2

News Edit

  • The Ultimate Sacrifice: Part One is now available to read! You can read it here!
  • So sorry I have been inactive lately, I have a lot to say! First of all, the Ultimate Sacrifice will be released in two parts, the first coming out sometime in November. Also, I have changed the prologue and added a new preview for the Ultimate Sacrifice, and uploaded a logo for the series!
  • I have also started work on the Ultimate Sacrifice, and I am aiming for a release sometime in August for the first book. For this book, I have changed a few names.
  • I have released a sneak peak of the Ultimate Sacrifice, to show people my writing style, you can find it here!


I will not release each story chapter by chapter, but will work on and complete it, and then release the entire story together. If I appear to have abandoned this story, I have not.

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In the Time of the Shadows Characters.

The Spirit of Christmas Edit

This will be a short story that I will put on this page on Christmas Eve. It will be set between The Ultimate Sacrifice Part One and Part Two. Come back soon to read it!