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Biting Thru The Cowards by SnapeFan1

Neville Longbottom is stopped on his way out of the Potions' classroom-and by his feared Boggart no less-Severus Snape. But there's more to Professor Severus Snape than it seems...on account that a pair of gleaming fangs are in the mouth of the Potions' Master! Will Neville ever survive without a scar on his neck, or end up as the Professor's meal?



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  • SmudgyHollz

    The objective is simple. Create an original, believable character and write a short story about him/her. Sounds simple, right?

    To win the competition, you must...

    • Create a character page. Make sure you…
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  • SmudgyHollz

    Okay, so a quick update! I'm going back to school on the 16th so I obviously can't be glued to the computer all day long! Here's my Harry Potter Fanfic scheduale that I have literally just copied and …

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  • SmudgyHollz

    Madainn mhath my red berry kittens! Today, I have a very interesting topic to discuss with you!

    Folklore, myths and legends.

    When researching for two of my stories (Mudblood and The Outsiders), I found…

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  • Leafwhisker

    That movie was so sad. DX The scene with Snape and Lily in the pensive was really touching. ;( I almost cried. And when Lupin and Tonks were standing on the tower. But they hinted at LunaxNeville and…

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