By- Wetty

This is a spoof for Harry Potter, this wikia does need a little funny!

Dude with a ScarEdit

Harry- *is looking in a mirror, mostly staring at his scar*

Dudewithnoscar- *Bursts in* Dude! You stole my scar!

Harry- *turns and looks at Dudewithnoscar* Who are you? And how did you get in here?

Dudewithnoscar- No Mayonaise!

Harry- Wait what? That made no sense.

Dudewithnoscar- I'll be asking the questions around here!

Harry- *picks up wand*

Dudewithnoscar- I want my scar back!

Harry- You mean my scar? *looks to his lightning like scar* Dude, this is mine.

Dudewithnoscar- Nooo, I had one like that on my belly!

Harry- O_O You ever think maybe it wasn't a scar?

Dudewithnoscar- Uh, no.....But you stole it!

Harry- I can't steal scars moron!

Dudewithnoscar- *lifts shirt and shows a scar that looks exactly like Harrys*

Harry- Okay, once again I am asking how did you get in here?

DudewithASCAR- You must be my brother!

Harry- *looks disgusted* I AM NOT YOUR BROTHER!

DudewithASCAR- I gotta call my mom! *runs out*

Harry- Yeah, never a dull moment......


Ron- Im Ron, and I like Hip hop yeah.

Hermione- Ron that wasn't even a rap.

Ron- So? Who said I was rapping.

Hermione- You did like before you even said that thing you said.

Ron- I thought you loved me!

Hermione- Dude, that would ruin the whole plot if I told you right away.

Ron- Still when I made out with that girl in The Half-Blood Prince you were so jelous!

Hermione- Okay, what's up with this! This spoof thing is called Hip Hop, not Whine to Hermione about if I love you or not!

Ron- I will rap about you.

Hermione- Heavens no...

Ron- Hermione, her name sounds limy, maybe I need to kindly say you are slimy!

Hermione- That was offensive, if you wanted me to love you why make a rap like THAT! *gets out wand*

Ron- No! Don't hate me because Im beautiful!

Hermione- Okay, there's something wrong with that, you are so not beautiful. *turns Ron into a frog*

Ron- *croaks* Still beautiful.

Hermione- I'm leaving this no sense making spoof. *leaves*

Ron- Wait, Im still a frog!

Luna Is NutsEdit