Do you have an idea on how to make this wiki better?

Harry Potter Fanfic Wiki:Ideas, is, as the name suggests, a page on which you can add all of your ideas to. It's a brilliant way to make this wiki unique and fun for everybody not to mention attract new viewers and contributors! Also, it's a great feeling when you look at a newly created page and think to yourself; that was my idea.

Anyway, instead of having a "normal" ideas page, I have decided to try a more orginized method of adding ideas. Instead of anybody editing and listing their ideas below, you will add your ideas here, on the talk page. It gets rid of the vandalism, impossible projects and ideas that don't make any sense or don't help the wiki in the slightest.

But wait, don't go yet! First, read through the instructions on how to post your idea!


This is how you submit your ideas to the wiki. Be sure to read carefully!

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Why will this idea help the wiki?

You may now be thinking that something is missing. Well, you're right. The instructions are missing a place for other people to vote for your ideas. If you would like to say something about somebody elses idea, maybe to agree, disagree, comment or make a suggestion for it, go here.

Confirmed IdeasEdit

Houses this was SmudgyHollz's idea.

The Ministry of Magic this was a combined idea from Wetstream and Artimas Hunter.