The sorting

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Welcome to The Sorting, the page on which you will be placed into your wiki House.
This is a very important ceremony, for on Harry Potter Fanfic Wiki, your House will be like your family. Your edits will earn you House Points, while any rule breaking will lose you House Points.

To begin the sorting, simply enter your username into box below and click the button entitled Get Sorted!.

Good luck!


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Sora11223320:03, December 2, 2017Sora112233
RepublicOfKeigGov11:50, April 14, 2015RepublicOfKeigGov
Test 208:45, June 2, 2013SmudgyHollz

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IWillAlwaysBeAHarryPotterGeek15:37, January 7, 2017174.61.135.246
Mew Amelia16:09, August 24, 2015SmudgyHollz
Elric Dimaano16:42, August 20, 2015SmudgyHollz
Ravens Magic18:26, March 25, 2015SmudgyHollz
Bramblefire311820:28, March 22, 2015SmudgyHollz
Peaceheart08:39, March 7, 201592.26.104.163
Doraemefasolatedo09:36, February 22, 2015SmudgyHollz
Nanda06souza09:35, February 22, 2015SmudgyHollz
Mistybird09:34, February 22, 2015SmudgyHollz
Sukanya09:32, February 22, 2015SmudgyHollz
GinnyPotterr18:31, March 11, 2014SmudgyHollz
LillyDaNinja08:56, June 2, 2013SmudgyHollz