Have you ever had a dream? A dream... or a nightmare? Well, Abbiyelle has dreams and nightmares, rolled into one. She can see the future, of good, to bad.

Have you ever been able to talk to animals? Talk... or beg? Well, Vixen can talk to animals, good and bad. She can help other animals, talking to them, to begging them.

Have you ever used the elements to help? Help... or protect yourself? Well, Jenny can use them to help others. She can help others with wind, fire, water, earth, help those in need, or protect yourself.

They come from totally different worlds: MudBlood, Half-Blood and PureBlood. But will the troubles that await them pull them together?


Abbiyelle- 13, Brown hair and green eyes. Girl

Vixen- 13, Black hair and brown eyes. Girl

Jenny- 13, Blonde hair and blue eyes. Girl

Chapter 1- AbbiyelleEdit

I ran. I sprinted through the trees, branches snagging at my clothes and my hair. I didn't know why I was running, until I heard the scream. The owls lurking in the trees flew off. The sound of their wings confused me.

I screamed and collapsed onto the floor. A clock chimed. But, it was different. It... calmed me. But then... after twelve chimes, I heard a thirteenth. Thirteen chimes? That can't be right. I heard another scream... That made three screams. Thirteen chimes... What did it mean?

"Abbiyelle, get your backside outta bed, now!" I heard my mother screaming up the stairs at me. It was 7:50 AM, according to my alarm clock. My parents are muggles. I'm a mudblood, apparently. I don't care what they call me. I just go to Hogwarts and go through it all. Last year was better. I stood up and changed. I pulled my white tank-top on, my jeans and a jacket. Sweeping the brush through my hair, my mother called me again. "Are you up yet?!"

"Yeah! Brushing my hair!" I shouted back. I grabbed my wand and charged down the stairs. My big brother, Danny, was eating breakfast. My little sister and brother, Krissy and Kyle, weren't exactly eating. They were putting their breakfast into their mouth and spitting it at Danny. I laughed as a huge blob landed on his spoon. I sat down and made a bowl of Frosties. I jumped when the clock chimed for 8 O' Clock.