The Evil Lord Voldemort (Tom Marvolo Riddle) has risen again, he wants Harry Potter but Draco Malfoy killed him years ago. Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, and Lestrango Bella Lestrange are married and are the two top Death Eaters. They have tracked down a new person like Harry. His grandson, Jack Olympos! Jack has now been living in Hogwarts but most Slytherins, Hufflepuffs, and Gryffindors, have left to join his army.


Book 1- The Return and Betrayls

Book 2- The Wand of Bone

Book 3- Evil's Curse (going to make page when the Wand of Bone is up)


Jack Olympos- Grandson of Harry Potter and son of Unknown yet.

Marcus Shacklebolt- Son of Kingsley Shacklebolt and friend of Jack

Hayley Vaylenworth- First year (on RPG wiki she is in fifth or sixth), and friend of Jack

Lord Voldemort- Murder of many and is trying to kill Jack Olympos... the one most like Harry Potter.

Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy- Son of Draco Malfoy and co-leader of the Death Eaters

Lestrango Bella Lestrange- Daughter of Bellatrx Lestrange and wife of Scorpius. Co-leader of Death Eaters.

Venoumus Viperious Malfoy (Draco Hyperion)- Son of Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy