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It seems that Voldermort never truly died after Harry potter defeated him all those years ago. Abby is an eleven year old girl with friends and family and she thinks shes going to have a normal witches life. But the dark era is coming and only the elements can stop it




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"Even in the darkest of times there is always hope,"

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To entertain

The Element series
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Whispers In The Dark

Summary Edit

It seems that he never truly died when Harry potter defeated him all those years ago. Voldormort is rising quickly and he's already gained new death eaters and has already taken someone hostage at hogwarts.

Before Term starts Abby heads to diagon alley then meets some new friends, but in this dark era she and her friends must defeat Voldormort in a new battle of the century.

But that will happen at the end.

because they have not found all the clues to find him yet.

And when a friend starts to show his feelings can Abby deal with the responsibility that Harry potter had those many years ago?

Chapter 1 Edit

Abby looked at the clock, timing how much time was left before her and her brothers eleventh birthday. The clock seemed to click slowly and every second seemed like an hour.

I'm going to Hogwarts with my brother, so we should have nothing to worry about, she thought. She looked at the window hoping to see an owl with a letter on its foot.

Ray was turning in his sleep which meant he was having a bad dream. She looked on, wondering what type of animal she would get. A cat would be nice, but sometimes they can be really annoying. No she would rather get an owl. Owl's were more helpful then cats; they carried letters and newspapers. She knew because she saw her mum reading the Daily Prophet. She had read some too, but not much.

Ray always read the Daily Prophet and had big dreams of becoming an Auror. But you need high grades for that and Ray was not the best at school. ~*~*~*~*~

When her mother called, "Abby, Ray wake up breakfast is ready and there's a letter here for you!" Abby and Ray pushed each other down the stairs and sat at the breakfast table waiting for their letter.

"Here you go," mum said. She handed the letters to Abby and Ray and Abby quickly opened hers and it said:

Dear, Abby

You will be attending Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry where you will learn magic, but there is a rule you are not to use magic outside of school as it sometimes frightens the muggles. Also First year students are not allowed a broom until second year. See the enclosed form for all your school stuff.

Sincerely, Mrs.Flake

Abby put the paper down and said to Ray, "What did yours say?"

Ray shrugged.

"Probably said what yours said."

Their dad came out to the front hallway with an owl. He said quickly, "Ok give me the letters so I can send them too Mrs.Snow." They handed their letters to their dad and he wrapped them on his owl and the owl flew out the window. Their dad opened the door, stepped outside, got into his car and drove off. Ray took a big piece of the pancake and said slowly,

"Um should we be going to Diagon alley?" Abby looked at her brother with a glaring look but then their mum had exclaimed, "Oh yes you are right! Come on lets go!" They all stood up and went to the leaky cauldron in a hurry.

~*~*~*~ "As if nothing could happen," Ray complained loudly as they were stuck in what Abby thought was the worst traffic jam ever known.

She wanted to get there already so she said casually "Mum can we use the invisibility part of this car and fly there?"

Sadly mum's answer was always, "No we can't because of all the muggles around."

Abby sighed, "Well it's about time we got out of that."

Ray nodded and asked, "When are we going to get there mum?"

Mum stopped at a little parking lot and turned around, "Raymond and Abbigale Snow, you two must be the worst pair of twins I have ever met!"

Abby groaned, "Mum you don't call us by our full name. It's not cool"

Ray giggled and asked, "What do you know about cool?"

Great. The only thing me and my brother will agree on is calling us Ray and Abby. Jeez he's not cool either so what's his problem? she thought. Abby jerked out of her daydream when her mum said, "We're here. Welcome to Diagon alley."

Then she added, "I'll pick you up later." She then drove off.

Chapter 2Edit

Abby and Ray looked around before deciding what to do as they started walking, a whole lot of people were bustling around and pushing Abby and Ray until they were grabbed by another kid and were led to gringotts the kid said "Lucky we got out of there, my name is Summer!"

She said "You can't buy stuff without money! This is gringotts, the most safest place if you want something protected like money, so what's your vault?"

Abby said confused "765."

Summer beamed "Right beside mine."

Ray looked at her and asked "Are you a first year?"

Summer nodded "Yep! I'm starting Hogwarts, just like you!"

Ray said "Let's all get our school stuff together then!"

Summer ran toward the snow white building and went in with Ray and Abby right behind her Summer asked the goblin "Keys 765 and 766 please!" the goblin handed the keys to her and Abby and they scrambled into the cart clumsily and Summer giggled. Ray looked down and saw a bunch of vaults.

Abby was wondering if there were dragons down here I hope not she looked around for a breath of fire and she found herself stopping in front of her vault the goblin jumped out and unlocked it Ray and Abby grabbed enough money to last them for a year or two then they headed back to Summer.

Summer was waiting for them then when they scrambled in, they went to her vault. They did not have far to go, she hopped out and disappeared into the vault coming back a few seconds later with her money.

They ran onto the street and she ran into a tall blond haired boy with blue eyes who was holding a wand and he said with a laugh "Oh excuse me!" he looked at Abby and asked "I'm sorry! You going to hogwarts too?"

Abby nodded bleakly and a smaller brown haired girl followed after the boy "Derek, come on we are going to be late!" he rolled his eyes and said "Coming Julie!" and he followed her.

They walked out of the building and decided where to go next Abby ran toward Ollivanders to get her wand with Ray and Summer close behind, she walked into the store to see a man on a ladder checking something and the man turned saying "Welcome Summer, Ray and Abby are you ready to get your wands?"

They nod and he says "Lets start with Summer, lets try Yew and unicorn hair," it worked for the first time and Summer looked at Ray and Abby happily then Ollivander said "Come here Ray," he grabbed a wand "Holly and Dragon heartstring," he said and gave the wand to Ray.

Ray waved it around and flames came out of the wand and diminished ollivander looked on approvingly then said to Abby "Try this one."

He handed the wand to her "Oak and Phoenix feather."

She tried it and flowers came out she smiled and paid 2 gallons for her wand and walked out and said "We should head to the owl shop."

Summer nodded and Ray said "Yep, come on! Lets go."

Abby ran toward the Eylops owl emporiom to check out owls, and she saw a Whiskered Screech owl and paid 5 gallons for her then named her Summer, after the months her birthday was in.

She smiled and went to buy the rest of her stuff after her and Ray said bye to Summer and got into their mums car and drove home.

When they got home Ray asked "Abby you ok? You had that look on your face since we ran into those kids."

Abby growled "Ray, if something happens I will tell you."

Ray looked at her and said with a laugh "Whatever, you look all moony."

Abby snorted "Go to sleep Ray or I will set my owl on you!"

Ray turned off the light and said "Whatever, goodnight!"

Abby said "Goodnight, we go to kings cross tommorow."

She dreamt of Hogwarts and she was playing Quidditch as Seeker, the snitch was close, she dived for it and it was almost in her hands, then the alarm rang off and their mum came in saying with exasperation "Wake up Abby, Ray!"

Abby groaned and said "M'kay."

She only stared at the roof.

Chapter 3Edit

Their mom woke them up early to get ready and Ray asked Abby "Are you excited?"

Abby was about to answer when Ray cut off "I'm not going to sit with you, I want to sit with Summer, ok?"

Abby just nodded "I dont care," Ray looked on and finally replyed "Good you proboly want to sit with someone else anyways."

Abby just nodded and asked "Are you sure Ray?" Abby thought Me and him might not get along but we are really close and care about each-other

Ray reassured her "Yes I'm fine with that, go do whatever you want to do."

Abby nodded and their mum called them down "Abby, Ray, breakfast!"

They look at eachother and go into the dining room and sat down at the table and their mum handed Abby her Eggs "Here you go Abby, just the way you like them!"

Her mom smiled and flicked her wand at the stove to stop and she put her wand away and handed Ray his Bacon "Eat up Ray, I dont want you becoming too skinny."

Ray complained "But Mum, I'm not skinny!"

But Abby poked him in the stomach "Then why are you like a board!"

Rays eyes gleamed at her and he retorted "Well you are skinny too!"

Abby argued "Actually I'm a healthy weight, thank you very much."

Mum yelled "Stop arguing you two and act like brother and sister sometimes! We need to go now! Lets get ready."

Abby and Ray jumped up and got their shoes on and walked into mums car they drove toward Kings cross station and mum told them what to do and left Abby and Ray tried to look for nine and ten with their trolleys but she heard someone behind her "Um hi.... I'm Julie are you lost?"

She turned to see Julie who was looking at her and she continued "Dereks coming but you can come with us!" Abby gasped and Julie asked "What are your names?" When Derek headed toward her and Ray answered "I'm Ray."

Abby also said "I'm Abby."

Derek cut in "I'm Derek, but we need to hurry." He rushed toward the wall and disappeared and Abby blinked Did that just happen?

Julie sighed defeated "Why does he always do that?!" she sighed "Lets go, just follow me!"

Abby and Ray nodded and followed Julie through the wall.

They saw a Scarlet train and they started loading and when Abby turned to ask Ray a question he was already with Summer.

Julie saw Abby and said "Sit with me and Derek!" Abby nodded and they got on the train and picked a compartment.

Derek was already in there and he said quickly "Come on! It's going to go soon!"

Julie whispered "Get used to it, he's always like that."

The train was going past fields and Abby was staring at the window when they heard "Anything from the trolley?"

Julie and Derek jumped up that was when Abby realised that Ray had her money but she did not know where he was though.

Derek and Julie sat down and Julie picked out a chocolate frog and said "Yes! I got Agrippa" Derek looked at Abby and said "Think fast!"

Abby jumped at his voice and catched the chocolate frog and said sheepishly "Thanks."

Derek smiled and said "Your welcome."

Julie laaughed "Open it! See what card you got!" Abby nodded and opened it and grabbed the frog before it could jump and grabbed the card and it read Albus Dumbledore.

Derek shook his head and said "He's dead. I dont know what happened but......" he continued "Harry potter was there." Abby looked at Derek, he was now looking out the window but Julie said quietly "Yeah everyones heard about it, Sure it happened a long time ago but..."

She dropped her voice to a whisper "Everyones worried that Voldemort will come back, even though he did... Well, explode, from what I heard!"

Abby sighed and asked "What if he does?"

Julie said "Then we can't do anything."

Abby was about to say something but two boys came in one with black hair and one with brown hair. Derek jumped up and asked "Tyler, Nick what is it!?"

Tyler laughed "Someone set a stink bomb off where we were so we are sitting here!"

Julie relaxed and said "Tyler, Nick this is Abby!"

Tyler said "Hi Abby, I guess your Julies and Dereks friend then?"

Julie nodded and Derek said "Yes, I dont know where everyone else is though!"

Tyler smiled and sat down beside Abby and Abby passed him a bean and Tyler looked at it before eating it. After he ate it he said "Hmmm, Marshmellows!"

Nick laughed and said to Abby "Tyler loves his marshmellows!"

Abby smiled and Julie was shuffling through her treats and said "We are here!"

Everyone already had their robes on and they heard a gruff voice.

"Firs' years follow me!" They got off the train and saw Hagrid and Tyler exclaimed "Wow!"

Hagrid said "C'mon lets go to the boats!"

They all nodded and followed him down a rocky path toward a large lake.

Chapter 4Edit

Abby got in to a boat beside Julie. In their boat was Tyler, Derek, and Hannah, a girl they met by the boats who already knew Julie, Tyler, Nick and Derek.

Hannah said excitedly "I hope I'm in Gryffindor!"

Julie laughed "Me too! Harry Potter himself was in Gryffindor!"

Hannah and Julie started to rant about what houses there were and who's going to be in which house.

Abby asked Tyler "What house do you think you are going to be in?"

Tyler shrugged and said "Gryffindor I guess, But everyone wants to be in Gryffindor."

Abby sighed "Yeah, I guess your right."

Tyler froze when he saw some thing in the distance and he yelled "Everyone look!"

Everyone looked at where he was pointing and their eyes widened in awe and Hannah asked "Is that it?"

Abby nodded, what they saw was a huge castle with so many towers and shining windows. Abby suddenly knew that this won't be a normal year for her friends, not that anything was normal at Hogwarts.

"Did you know that the death eaters are trying to get out of Azkaban?" Hannah added "My dad said that the Death eaters are saying that the Dark lord will rise again."

Abby shivered and soon they were under the castle.

Nick waved from the boat beside them the boats stopped at docks and they got out.

Tyler stumbled on Nick who pushed Derek who accidently made Abby fall.

Abby stood back up and laughed and Derek smiled and a boy pushed through them "Hurry up will you!?"

Nick looked at Tyler. Tyler smiled sheepishly and continued up a flight of steps and Abby saw Hagrid knock on the door and a women with blond hair said "Follow me first years!"

They all scrambled to follow her down the huge hall and they stopped in front of a stool and there was a hat and it began to sing a song (I got this from the books)

You may not think I'm pretty

but dont judge on what you see

I'll eat myself if you can find

a smarter hat then me

you can keep your bowlers black

your top hats sleek and tall

for I'm the hogwarts sorting hat

and I can cap them all

there's nothing hidden in your head

the sorting hat can't see

so try me on and I will tell you

where you ought to be

you might belong in Gryffindor

where dwell brave at heart

their daring nerve and chilvary

set Gryffindors apart

you might belong in Hufflepuff

where they are just and loyal

those patient Hufflepuffs are true

and unafraid of toil

or yet in wise old Ravenclaw

if you've a ready mind

where those of wit and learning

will always find their kind

or perhaps in Slytherin

you'll make your real friends

those cunning folk use any means

to acheive their ends

so put me on! Don't be afraid!

and dont get in a flap

you're in safe hands

for I'm the thinking cap

The whole hall burst into cheers and the hat bowed to the four tables and the blond teacher started calling names. The list was long but it finally came to Julie.

"Mcloud, Julie!"

Julie paced up to the hat and put it on and it called "GRYFFINDOR!" and the table cheered. Derek was already there clapping the name soon called Tyler.

"Hampson, Tyler!"

Tyler ran up and put the hat on and it called "GRYFFINDOR!"

She soon called Ray

"Snow, Raymond!"

The hat also called "GRYFFINDOR!"

It then called Abby

"Snow, Abbigale!" she put that hat on and waited and it said "Perfect... You belong in Gryffindor!" The hat yelled Gryffindor and Abby went to sit beside Julie and they began to eat and soon they had to follow their prefects to the common rooms.

Chapter 5Edit

The next morning Abby woke up and saw Julie shuffling through something and closed her suit case and she said "Abby, wake up! We are going to be late!"

Abby jumped out of bed and fixed her hair then looked at Julie "Ok! Come on and see if the boys are awake."

They climbed down the tower steps and saw a lot of gryffindors clearing out into the staircases/ Abby saw Tyler talking to another boy with black hair and blue eyes laughing "Tyler, muggles will never find the castle, don't worry!"

Tyler sighed "Ok."

He saw Abby and Julie ran up to them and laughed "I had to push Ray out of bed just to get him to wake up!" Julie giggled and Abby asked "Well where is he now?"

Tyler answered "I saw him go down the stair case with James and Summer!"

Julie asked "Where are Nick and Derek?"

Tyler answered again "Nick is also down in the Grand ballroom!"

Abby walked through the doorway with Julie and Tyler behind her. When she came into the dining place she spotted Ray instantly who was in deep conversation with Summer, Abby ignored him and went towards where Nick and Derek were sitting.

Nick was reading something while Derek looked like he just saw a ghost. Abby asked Derek "Slytherin?"

Derek nodded and cast a sharp glance at the Slytherin table who were whispering and looking at their general direction.

Abby said "C'mon we have to get to our first class!"

Tyler exclaimed "But we have not eaten yet!"

Abby poked his watch "Look, we are going to be late if we don't hurry and we will have detention if we don't get there!"

A voice sounded behind her "Relax Abbigale, I mean its not the end of the world yet!"

Abby saw a flash of sheer horror on Dereks face and she turned around and looked at the person standing in front of her.

She said cooly "Hello Milly."

Milly got an evil sneer on her face then said "I'm glad I dont hang out with a bunch of Mud bloods like you do Abbigale, If I were you I'd start hanging out with Real Witches and Wizards!"

Abby shook her head "At least I'm not a snob who thinks she's better then everyone else, and besides, none of us are half muggle." she snapped back.

Milly rushed to get out her wand but stopped and sneered "How about we settle this after classes?"

Abby just nodded and walked away with her friends and Tyler rasped "Picking fights like that won't get you anywhere Abby."

Abby spun around and snapped "She was the one calling us names!"

Tyler shook his head and kept walking nevously towards the Transfiguration classroom.

She asked Derek "What's wrong with him?"

Derek looked at her and said quietly "I don't know really, I mean I could ask but Tyler just says "Mind your own buisness!""

Abby walked toward the classroom and took a seat the teacher was behind her desk sorting papers and looked up "Listen up class, I am your Trasfiguration teacher Mrs.Berry," everyone looked at her and she continued "Today you will be learning how to turn matches into needles."

When everyone did nothing she continued "Just do what I do."

After Transfiguration class where they learned to turn matches into needles Abby headed toward Charms class with Tyler lagging behind she stopped and asked firmly "Whats wrong Tyler?"

Tyler looked up at her and said "Nothing really."

Abby shook her head and continued down toward the class.

She heard a gasp of surprise from behind her and Milly pushed past her she hit the ground and immetiately stood up and asked "You ok Tyler?"

He just nodded and kept on walking toward Charms class. Abby found a seat with Julie as Professor Tise called names.

When she was finished she said "Today you will be learning Wingardium leviosa."

A Gryffendor boy Abby had seen once asked "Is it a little too early for that?"

Professer Tise just looked at him sternly and answered his question "Is it a little too early to cause trouble James?"

James just looked at her but stayed silent and she said "Get partners everyone!"

Abby and Julie nodded at eachother as Tise passed some feathers she stopped at James who was partners with Tyler and passed her feather to him.

Abby watched as he grabbed it and passed it to Tyler and they started tapping it with their wands.

Abby giggled and Julie said with concentration "Ok let's try...." she did a windmill with her wand saying "Windgardiom leviosa!"

When nothing happene$d she sighed "I don't think I'm doing it right!"

Abby said with a laugh "Your not!"

She got her wand and flicked it and said "Wingardium leviosa!" it started to float and everyone turned to her general direction.

James and Tyler stared at the feather in awe and professor Tise said "Well done, Abbigale." everyone looked at their partners and started flicking and Tylers flew out of his hand and hit a Ravenclaw student.

Tyler widened his eyes as the Ravenclaw student passed it back shakily to him.

They walked out heading to the dungeons down the grand staircase.

They froze at the door as Milly said "Hey babies, are you too afraid to go inside?"

Abby looked at her and she kept on glaring at her with a smug look on her face. She pushed Tyler into the room and he made a gasp of surprise and everyone piled in with their cauldrons.

Abby's cauldron was beside Ray's who was talking to Lily and Abby whispered to him "You could talk to me sometimes you know."

Ray looked at her and said "Sorry, Abby."

Before she could reply a strict looking female teacher came in and growled "I am professor Fall and their will be no wand waving in this class!"

She flipped a board and said "Today you will learn how to make a simple wiggenweld potion."

Ray and James looked at her with curious looks on her faces and she said soothingly to the class "Oh a Wiggenweld potion will heal you if made correctly."

She looked at the board and said "You will have until the end of class to make this." she sat behind her desk as everyone got to work.

Abby added the ingredients and started to stir it until it turned a purple color. She froze and looked at her book and it said Stir until liquid turns purple she sighed and added the next ingredient and started stirring again until it turned to a much darker purple.

Before class ended Professor Fall looked at everyones cauldrons and she said to Abby "It's ok."

Abby relaxed and rushed out of the classroom and bumped into James who was staring at something ahead. He turned to look what had crashed into him and he moved aside to let Abby through.

She continued and saw Julie and ran to her who said "About time Abby, we have flying lessons! " Abby ran out with Julie treading behind.

They soon got to the courtyard with Madam Hawk waiting with the Slytherins when she saw the Gryffindors arrive and line up beside brooms.

She said "Welcome to Flying lessons," she hesitated and continued "What I want you all to do is hold out your hand and say "Up" Got it?"

Everyone nodded and she stood silent and Ray was the first to try he said "Up!" the broom moved into the air and hovered there until Ray got annoyed and repeated it and the broom went into his hand and everyone started trying it.

She heard madam Hawk say "Show no fear!" and she looked at her broom and said "Up!"

It automatically went into her hand she looked at James who was beside her he yelled "Up!" and the broom hit him in the face.

Abby could not help but giggle until she saw James was covering his nose and Madam Hawk asked "Are you alright?"

James did not move but he looked shocked madam Hawk shook her head and said "I will be right back."

Abby saw Milly grab something on the ground that was obviously James and she looked at it with a bemused look on her face and James stood up and said "Give it back Milly!"

She looked at him and asked "Or what?"

Abby started to get angry and snapped "Or I will take it from you!" Milly looked at her then threw it at Ray who was surprised at the impact.

Abby looked at her brother and he stood up shakily and passed the item to James who caught it and he stared at Milly angrily as Madam Hawk came back and said "Class dissmissed!"

She passed a cloth to James who grabbed it with his hand and put it on his nose and he went back to the castle.

Chapter 6Edit

Abby felt horrible and Julie said in a worried tone "Maybe you should have something Abby, you are pale like a ghost."

Tyler was usually silent but today was an exeption as he said "Yeah you look like a ghost."

Julie looked at Abby worried and Abby shook her head and rasped "I....Need to face....Milly!"

Tyler and Julie looked at eachother and Julie said "She did not mean to battle you, she told me."

Abby looked at her and said "I will....Someday have to face her."

Julie shook her head and said "Today's not that day, Abby."

Tyler was speaking to someone but Julie ignored them and continued "Listen lets go to the common room!"

Abby did not say anything but she slowly went into the common room and the door closed behind her.

Julie sighed and said "About time!"

Tyler nodded and James asked "What's wrong with her?"

Julie looked at James for a moment then said "You seem more worried then me and Tyler combined!"

James shrugged "She's a fellow Gryffindor," he said defensivly "It's not like that I Like her! She's nice, everyone likes her."

Tyler shook his head and growled "Not Milly, she hates Abby."

James stayed silent and Julie cast a worried glance at Tyler and she saw a boy run up the stairs toward them.

Julie realised it was Nick.

Julie and Tyler looked at him with confused looks and he rasped "Milly....She.....Troll.." Tyler jumped and asked "Where's Derek?!"

Nick looked at him regaining his breath and restarted "Milly... She set loose a troll near the bathrooms," he looked at them and continued "Derek went to find a teacher."

Julie looked at James to see he was shaking.

Julie asked "Are you scared?"

James jumped and said "No....But it's a long story."

James went down the steps to the main room to find out if there were any students about. Julie kept staring at the direction James went and Tyler poked her "Come on, we need to go find Derek."

Julie nodded and headed toward the staircases. She ran down one then froze. She asked Nick "Where did Derek go?"

Nick stared into space for a minute and Julie exclaimed "You don't know!?"

Nick shook his head and Tyler stammered "W-We could try the washrooms.."

Julie looked at Tyler "That might just be crazy enough to work!"

They all ran toward the washrooms. She thought she heard James and Derek but they were already toward the end of the grand staircase and when she turned she did not see anybody.

She continued following Tyler and Nick and saw the hall leading toward the washrooms. Where her friend was and probably was in danger.

Julie stopped in the hall when she heard a grunt. She saw a blue thing down at the other end of the hall looking straight at them.

Tyler said "Don't move!"

The troll advanced toward them and Tyler started to back away. Julie saw the troll raise his club and she felt something grab the back of her sweater and pull her behind a statue.

She saw Derek and he whispered "Shhhh, it's too stupid!"

James was behind him and whispered "Are you sure about that?"

Julie looked up and saw the troll looking at them stupidly.

James stared at it for a few seconds and said to Julie "Shall we run?"

Derek shook his head and said "Just stay very still."

The troll walked away from them heading toward the direction Tyler and Nick were going.

James, Julie and Derek looked from the corner they were hiding and slowly came out and Julie exclaimed "Imagine if Abby was here!"

James shook his head and said "Maybe it would be better if she-" he was cut off by quick footsteps who happened to be the most meanest teacher in the whole school Professor Jewel.

He was not very nice to any students except Milly.

They jumped back into their corner and heard him talking to some one. Julie only caught some of their conversation "He's rising again....I need it....Because it was what the old professor Quirrel failed to do."

The footsteps faded away and James whispered "Well that was interesting!"

Julie heard a faint whimper.

She spun around to see Tyler and Nick running toward them. Tyler and Nick stopped in front of them and Tyler rasped "It's.... Coming..."

James looked at him for a second until looking up and a flash of sheer horror showed on him. He asked "Do we run now?"

Tyler nodded and ran toward the other end of the corridor and Julie ran after him.

She was concious of everyone running after her but she did not stop to look. She heard the troll roar and it started thumping away.

She turned and saw Abby whacking it's head with rocks. James yelled "That's not a brilliant idea, Abby!" the troll stared straight at James and raised his club

Julie got an idea and yelled "Wingardium leviosa!" the club flew out of the trolls hand and landed on it's foot. It must have hurt, because it started hopping around and it fell on a statue and was knocked out cold.

Abby stared at it for a minute then said "Nice Julie."

There were footsteps behind them and they saw Headmistress Flake and two teachers Proffeser Fall and Proffeser Jewel.

Flake stared at the troll then at them and said "Well, it's not every day a first year knocks out a mountain troll," she continued "20 points for gryffindor, for taking on a mountain troll."

They looked at eachother surprised and headed toward the common room.

Chapter 7Edit

As Abby ate the scrambled eggs she saw Tyler wolf down some bacon and she said "How can you eat like that?"

Tyler looked at her and said "What? I'm hungry." Abby shook her head and continued eating.

The post arrived and she saw Lily among them holding a squishy package.

She dropped it on James head and he let out a surprised "Ow!" she quickly grabbed the package off of him and said "Sorry James! Summers accuracy needs more practice!"

James rubbed his head and said "It's all right, but my screech owl does not hurt as much." Abby giggled and opened the note and read it out loud to her group of friends

Hello Abby

I knew your mum well and since nothings going to happen to me anymore.... I think you will find this useful after all.

Your mum and me went to hogwarts together even though we did not know each other very well until my 3rd year.

But listen. I think he's going to rise again and he's not after me anymore. He told me that while I was taking a walk. I heard him in my head saying what appears to be an Omen.

And I think it involves you.

He said "I no longer need to go after you, As I will rise again more powerful then before, My horcruxes seperated into again seven diffrent items, But this time my only danger is the Snows, The Rain, The Sun, The Sky, The Wind and The Ice.

And im going to defeat them first!"

What I think he meant is the snows is you and Ray but what about the others? Do you have friends? Oh well you will figure it out in time but I'm not signing this, I\m sorry but you will find this useful during this dark era

Abby looked at the package confused and asked "Can we go to the commen room before I open this?" James nodded and Julie said "Good idea."

They followed Abby and She sat down on an armchair an started to carefully open it a silky cloak came slithering out and landed on her lap.

She put the package down and stared at the cloak and she asked "What is this?"

Julie and James stared at it and she asked "What?" James held out his hand and Abby gave it to him but she stopped and stared at him.

She asked "James why are your hands shaking?"

James would not meet her gaze and he said "Let me see it," James took it and said "Now close your eyes." Abby looked at him for a moment before closing her eyes.

She heard Julie gasp and James said "Now open them!" she opened them and stared shocked.

James was only a floating head.

Tyler exclaimed "It's an invinsibility cloak!" everyone stared at Abby and Julie said "Wow Abby who ever gave this to you must have had to pay alot."

Abby nodded bleakly as James passed the cloak to her her gaze met his and for a moment it was only them in the room.

She shook her head and said "Hey Julie, the Quidditch match is today."

Julie jumped up and said "Oh crap we are going to be late...Come on come on!"

Everyone followed Julie out of the portrait and into the grounds and Abby yelled after Julie "Wait up Julie!"

Tyler ran beside her saying in fast rasps "She's fast.......for a......tiny person." she heard Julie yell "I'm not tiny!" Abby giggled and headed into the stadium and found seats by Derek and Nick.

Derek looked at them and said "You're late!"

Julie said "Oh Abby just got an invisiblity cloak." Derek and Nick stared at her and Nick asked "Is it true?"

Abby nodded while glaring at Julie. She said "I would have rather kept it a secret for a little bit!"

Derek growled "Shush! They are about to start!"

Luna called "Welcome to the first quidditch match of the season! Here today we have Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw!"

Julie cheered along with the other gryffindors and the quidditch match started at lightning speed.

After the match and Gryffindor won Abby was sitting under a tree doing her Charms homework. She heard a small "Hi."

She looked up to see James she put down her quill and said "Hello James, what is it?"

James said nothing but Derek and Tyler came up behind him with their homework and Tyler said to Abby "We need to do our homework too!"

Abby smiled and said "Of course it's almost winter!"

Derek cut in "We should be enjoying the weather while it lasts!"

Abby looked at Derek then said to James "Where's Julie?"

James looked at her and said "Um I-I think she's in the libary."

She looked at him and said "Ok, thanks James!"

James shrugged and said to Tyler "Professor Jewel has been acting wierd lately."

Tyler looked at him "I know! When the troll came in I heard him talking to someone though he was alone."

Abby grabbed her eagle quill and said "What ever it is lets hope it has nothing to do with-" she said in a low whisper "The dark lord."

Everyone flinched and James said slowly "I need to say-" he was cut off by Tyler who asked "Ok so we have a problem?"

James glared at Tyler and shook his head then walked away.

Tyler stared after him and asked "What's his problem?"

Abby shrugged and said slowly "I don't know he's worried about something."

Julie looked at her and finished "Or someone Abby."

Abby looked at her friend and asked "What do you mean?"

Julie sighed and said "You will find out soon enough."

Abby looked at her friend and said "What?"

Julie shook her head and walked off leaving Abby with Derek and Tyler. She looked at Tyler and said "That was wierd."

Tyler giggled and said "Wow, even I know what she's talking about!"

Abby looked at her friends desperatly and said "See you in the common room."

Chapter 8Edit

A few days later Abby was in the common room doing her Transfiguration homework and she heard Tyler exclaim "Look it's snowing!"

Abby looked up from her book and gasped. Snowflakes were dropping down from the sky and Tyler was hurrying to the boys common room to wake up the others.

Julie shook her head and said "It's just snow..."

Abby opened her book and turned to a page about the philosophers stone she looked at Julie and whispered "Hey come look at this...."

Julie stood up from her chair and walked over. She read it aloud:

Nicolas Flamel maker of the philoserphers stone died in 2001. The first philosophers stone was destroyed by Harry potter who also defeated Voldormort in the process.

Before he died Nicolas stated that there was another Philosophers stone somewhere. Not much is known about it until he died. It was last seen in a gringotts vault.

But now some say it's location is highly classified.

Abby said "That can't be good."

Julie looked at her and asked "You thinking what im thinking?"

Abby nodded "I must be or you would not look so worried." Abby rasped

Julie said "It's here."

Abby saw Tyler come down with Derek, Nick and James who were now absorbed by the falling snow. Abby snapped "Hey come here we found something!"

James looked up and came over while Tyler and Derek and Nick were still absorbed by the snow.

James asked "Yeah what is it?"

Abby shoved the book in his face and he looked at it for a secend before asking "Is this what Professor Jewel is after?"

Abby was about to reply but Julie cut in "Yep he's as evil as um..."

James waited but no answer came out of Julie and Abby said "I don't know if it is Professor Jewel that's after it maybe it's," she lowered to a whisper "Him."

James flinched and said "Well maybe-"

James was cut off by Tyler saying "Look!"

James turned to Tyler and snapped "What?" but he froze when he saw something coming out of the gamekeepers hut and he asked Tyler "What is that?"

Tyler shrugged "I dont know but-"

Abby just cut him off "It's probably Hagrid, stop being paranoid!"

Tyler nodded without looking at her.

Abby looked at Julie and said "Well if the Sorcerers stone is here, you can bet that Professor Jewel wants it for something."

Tyler asked "Like what?"

Julie yawned "Well you can turn stuff into gold with the Sorcerers stone."

Tyler looked at Julie "I don't believe you!"

Julie shoved the book in his face and said "Believe me now?"

Tyler froze and asked "Nicolas.... When he was dying how old was he?"

Julie shrugged "I don't know, some where in his 600s I guess."

Tyler looked on "Is that even possible?"

Julie froze and said "Yeah it is impossible unless-"

James who was silent until now said with terror "The Sorcerers stone can make people live longer then they are supposed too!"

Abby looked at him and smiled "Maybe... So when school restarts we should totally follow him to the third floor."

Tyler said "Sorry to break up the happiness and adventure but-" he looked at Abby and James "He was bleeding when he came back from the third floor."

Abby stopped smiling "A-are you sure?"

Tyler looked at her "As sure as the snow is stopping."

Abby looked out the window and said "Ok so-"

Tyler cut her off "We need to be careful!"

Abby bowed as a feeling of dread came over her as Mrs. Flake came in smiling.

"Abby, Tyler and James can you come with me?" Abby and Tyler look at eachother confused and James stammered "O-Ok" they followed her slowly out of the common room.

Abby asked "Are we in trouble?"

Mrs.Flake laughed "No Abby, but I do need to tell you something that only you three can know ok?"

They all nod and she continued "At Night, make sure you bring that cloak Abby to the room near the libary."

Abby nodded "Ok but-"

She did not have time to finish as Mrs.Flake stalked away. Abby sighed and said "Let's go back." They nod at eachother before going back into the common room to find Julie and Nick playing wizards chess.

Abby walked away from her friends and went upstairs to the girls dorm. She lied down on her bed and went to sleep.

She woke up to the cold dawn. She groaned and slowly stood up and walked around to her suit case. She froze when Summer came with a piece of paper and three other owls. She took Summers first and it said

Hey Abby

I was too lazy to go to you to give you a present cause well, I'm in Ravenclaw :P, Hope you have an amazing christmas Abby :D

Your friend Jesse

Lily dropped the present and sat on the window sill watching her. Abby wondered what Jesse gave her. She opened the package slowly and gasped. It was a Ruby. Very rare to get, And it was also Abby's birthstone.

She gasped and realised it was a necklace. She smiled and a another Whiskered Screech hopped up. Abby realised it was Rays owl. She opened the letter and it said

Hi Abby

It's your brother Ray. I was wondering what was taking you so long to get down here so I just sent Lyze (You know I love the owls of Ga'hoole) to you. Merry christmas Abby.

Your brother Ray

She opened up the package to find a Chess set and said to herself "Ray, Thanks.." She smiled and put the Chess set down as the next owl came up to her and put the envolope down and it flew off.

Abby opened up the letter to find money. She read the letter

Hello Abby

It's your mother

I thought this would be useful sometimes. We also have new neighbors. When you come home for summer I will introduce them too you

Love, Mom

Abby smiled, Grabbed her presents, Got dressed, And went downstairs to see what everyone else got. She went downstairs to find her friends talking quietly.

She asked "Hey?" They froze and said "Hi Abby."

Abby smiled when Julie declared "We're finished opening the presents!"

Abby shrugged "Ok."

Julie nodded and continued what she was doing.

Tyler asked "It's the holidays.... What are we supposed to do?"

Abby remembered her cloak and what Mrs. Flake wanted her Tyler and James to do alone.

She said to Tyler "Um, don't you remember what Mrs.Flake said?"

Tyler opened his mouth to say something but James cut him off "Yes we do!"

He nodded at Tyler and said "She also said when you left to bring a Raven." He winked as the others looked at him confused.

Tyler said "Ok...." then continued with what he was doing. He froze when he figured out what James meant then he burst out laughing.

He stopped when everyone was looking at him then he cleared his throat "Hey Abby, James let's go to the libary!"

Abby looked at him questionaly and asked "Why?"

Tyler mocked putting a cloak on then Abby said "Oh!"

Abby said to the others "Me, James and Tyler forgot something at the libary!"

They nodded as Abby thought I hate lying to my friends. She followed Tyler and James out the corridor and down the staircase as she asked "Ok, Where's Jesse?"

Tyler shrugs "He should be meeting us near the libary, also good excuse back there Abby!"

Abby smiled "Thanks."

As they headed down to the libary they saw a kid with brown hair waiting for them and he laughed "About time it was getting cold down here!"

Abby smiled "Stop complaining!"

Jesse smiled and said "Scary!"

Abby shook her head as Jesse led them toward the libary.

They stopped at a door and Jesse said in a hushed whisper "Do you have the cloak, Abby?"

Abby nodded and Jesse said "Good."

Abby wrapped the cloak around the four. Somehow they all fitted in it. They creeped into the libary and headed for the other entrance.

But a noise made James whimper a little bit too loudly "What was that?"

She heard Mrs. Birch ask "Who's there?"

Jesse started to creep forward again and slowly out the other entrance. When they heard mrs. Birch yell they broke into a run and broke into an abandoned classroom.

Thats where they saw something unusual.

A mirror leaning against a wall.

Jesse rubbed his hair and asked "What is that?"

Abby continued to stare at the strange mirror. She shrugged "I don't know, But what ever it is it must be special."

She picked up a piece of paper that was by the Mirror. She showed Tyler who started to poke the side of the mirror. He narrowed his eyes and read it aloud:

Dear Holly Flake

I'm leaving this in your possesion since Dumbledore is dead.

Make sure John does not find it, You know him, he would be prodding it everywhere. I'm sorry but I don't trust John since Voldermort has started to rise from the dead.

Strange though...I swear Dumbledore broke the mirror before he died.

Holly, Something bad is coming. Only few can realise what the problem is. The order of the Phoenix is long forgotton. But maybe some students will find The DA room again?

Anyways Holly have fun at Hogwarts, I'm too old to teach anymore. And if any kids seem different, watch cause he's getting stronger.

Your old friend Minerva

Abby looked at it and asked "Rise from the dead?"

Jesse snorted.

"It's like the world is ending!" Tyler yelled jokingly.

While the others were laughing Abby saw Jesse go around the mirror and stop in front of the glass and shock cloud his gaze.

Abby asked "What is it Jesse?"

Jesse stared at the mirror and murmured "This mirror..... This is the mirror of Erised."

Abby narrowed her eyes and Tyler gasped.

James was the only one that was confused "The mirror of....Erised?"

Jesse nodded and Tyler closed his eyes and said rather calmly "The mirror of erised is the mirrror that shows what one truly desires"

James drew in a deep breath "So it shows you what you truly want?"

Tyler nodded and was about to say something when they heard a voice behind them "Correct James, But the happiest person on earth could use it as a normal mirror."

Jesse jumped and said "Mrs. Flake!"

Mrs. Flake smiled "Minerva brought the mirror back to Hogwarts and left me that note," her eyes flashed "I think she meant for you to find it."

Abby looked at Jesse and shrugged "Ok....So what?"

Mrs.Flake smiled some more "This mirror.... I'm going to hide after all the recent attacks on muggles."

Mrs. Flake frowned "After all, he is rising from the dead."

Abby looked around "Really?"

Mrs.Flake looked grim "Really, After all he wants to get revenge on Harry potter."

Abby only nodded and Tyler tugged her sweater "Come on we should be going back!"

Abby said "Ok, Good day Mrs.Flake."

"Be careful you four!" she said quietly.

Everyone nodded and headed out. Jesse went in a seperate direction as Tyler, James and Abby.

Abby led the way to the gryffindor commen room and she said the password then stepped in.

Julie gasped "There you are, Where were you?"

Abby smiled "At the libary."

Julie scoffed "For hours?"

Abby nodded and went up the stairs followed by Julie who was still muttering. She climbed into bed and went to sleep.

Chapter 9Edit

Abby woke up to everyone sleeping. Julie was snuggled in her blankets. Abby looked around and slowly headed out of the common room.

She stopped when she saw James whispering to Tyler quietly. James and Tyler looked up and Tyler said "Morning!"

Abby held back a yawn "You two do realise that it is 4:00 in the morning."

James blushed and said sheepishly "Uh, We felt like getting up."

Abby sighed "Winter is almost over and Spring is gonna start."

Abby pulled out a book from the book case and said "You two should start studying!"

Tyler smiled "Whatever for?"

Abby scoffed "We are going to have tests to jog our memory!"

Tyler opened up his Potion book and said bored "Wiggenweld! Stir till it's purple and Blah Blah Blah!"

Abby snapped "Take it seriously, you're lucky that we are not in our 5th year yet!"

Tyler asked "Why?"

James answered "It's our O.W.L year."

Tyler looked down "Oh.." He grabbed his transfiguration and grabbed a match.

He looked at Abby "You know...Why are you not studying?"

Abby scoffed "Me and Julie already have studied twice."

Tyler smiled "Ok, Test, What is Wiggenweld potion used for?"

Abby thought I can see why Tyler picked it it's the first thing we learned she growled flatly "Wiggenweld can heal any wounds!"

Tyler looked through his potions book and said "Yes.."

Abby snorted "Get studying if you want to pass," Abby froze "Want."

Julie came down from the staircase and reported "It has stopped snowing."

Julie let out a yawn and sat on the couch beside Tyler and sneered "Well, well, look who's studying!"

Tyler made a "Shh!" sound and kept practicing.

James sniffed and said "Most of the Gryffindors are sick."

Abby nodded "Trust me, I have been there."

Tyler was still hastiliy trying to do his work when there was the quiet snap of a breaking quill. He muttered "Dang it!" he dropped the quill and called his owl "Palese!"

A tawny owl flew in the window and hooted landing on Tylers shoulder, he wrote a note with one of his extra pencils that never worked and sent off Palese. Palese hooted again and flew out the window. Abby asked "What was that about?"

Tyler smiled and did not say anything.

Julie stood up asked "Can you guys keep it down? Some of the gryffindors are trying to sleep!"

Abby turned "Sorry, Julie."

Julie laughed "Well I was awake anyways so don't worry," she looked at Tyler and asked "Why are you smiling?"

Tyler just shook his head and stared out the window. Abby sighed and asked "Well....what do you guys want to do?"

Julie was writing something and started blushing "Um...Uh..."

Abby looked at her confused "What's your problem?"

Julie started blushing more "Nothing..."

Abby bit her lip and said "Ok..."

Julie continued to write and soon the dawns light was seeping through the window.

Julie said "Well I think the kids that went home are going to come back soon!"

Abby looked at her "What.....Makes you say that?"

Julie narrowed her eyes in the distance "I can see smoke...."

Abby was beside her in a few seconds and said quietly "That's the train....." there was a large thump behind them and she heard Tyler "Watch it.... Get off of me!"

Abby turned around for James and Tyler on the ground looking straight at her and Julie with shocked faces. Abby sighed "Can't you for one moment not cause a mess?!"

Tyler and James stood up and Tyler asked "So are they really coming?"

Julie answered "Yes!"

Abby took out her chess set and said sheepishly "So.....Who wants to play chess?"

Tyler looked at her and scoffed "I will, I'm the champ!" Julie rolled her eyes.

Abby sighed "You know, Tyler, Someday your bragging will get you into hot water."

Tyler looked at her and scoffed "Yeah... Sure ...Like some one is going come and hurt me!"

Abby realised the sentence had made everyone, even Tyler, fall silent. Julie stammered "Wha-What if...One of us died?"

James widened his eyes and Tyler gasped and he said "How could you even say that?!"

Julie opened her mouth trying to find words but dipped her head in shame.

Abby grunted "It's not exactly her fault, She has a point."

Tyler grunted "Point my eye!" James rolled his eyes.

Abby went down the hall-way with her books. Spring had come and they still didn't figure out where the Stone was.

Jesse had faint ideas. He kept murmuring about stuff. Abby walked beside Jesse to their next class. Jesse stopped and sighed "I think I know..."

Abby looked at him "What?"

Jesse looked at her "I was talking to a 7th year Ravenclaw!"

Abby tipped her head "Yeah....So?"

Jesse continued "Well, he said that it was really suspicious that the Teachers Happened to ban a corrider that happened to be right above the dungeon!"

Abby thought for a second then asked "What are you trying to say?"

Jesse exclaimed "Abby, open your eyes, where else would they put it?"

Abby realised what he was talking about then nodded "Ok, but what if there is something gaurding it?"

Jesse put his hand in his hair and got a drawn look on his face.

He said "I.... Don't know."

Abby looked at him "Well we are getting somewhere." she said sweetly.

Jesse nodded and looked at his watch and exclaimed "Oh... Dear.. I am going to be late for Flying lessons, See you later Abby!"

He ran quickly and Abby was left alone. She had time before she had too go to her class. She looked at her potions book and sighed.

She flipped through it and saw an immunity to flames potion. She looked at it interested. It's color is blue.

Weird She flipped through some more when Julie ran up to her "Abby...."

She looked up "Yes?" Julie was shaking.

Abby looked at her friend more closely "What happened?"

Julie stammered "Ja-James got this idea to go into the forbbiden corridor!"

Abby widened her eyes "That's stupid!"

Julie whined "No kidding!"

Tyler came up beside Abby asked "What happened?"

Julie whimpered and Abby scoffed "Apparently her and James went into the corridor!"

Tyler shook his head and said "Abby...Where is James?"

Julie stammered "He was behind me..."

Julie looked behind her and said "He must still be back there!"

Tyler sighed "Well...."

Abby looked at him "Well what?"

Tyler asked "Shouldn't we go get him?"

Julie said hopefully "He had his flute!"

Abby scoffed "Flute? Where did he learn to play that?"

Julie shrugged "I don't know."

Tyler whistled and his owl came to him. Abby watched as Tyler wrote something and whispered something to the owl and the owl flew off.

Tyler sighed "Now we wait!"

Abby continued to stare at him "Wait for what?"

Tyler looked at her "Jesse!"

Abby scoffed "Jesse's in class!"

Tyler nodded as Jesse came around the corner with Tylers owl on his shoulder. Tyler clicked and the owl flew off.

Jesse asked "Did James figure out what was protecting it?"

Julie nodded "It's Huge!"

Jesse looked at her "What did it look like?"

Julie stammered "I-It was huge! It was a dog! And it had three heads."

Jesse murmured "Cyberes" Jesse said "Cyberus is a legendary three headed dog."

Abby nodded "I guess we go!"

Jesse nodded and Julie stood up shakily "I will go too!"

Tyler tipped his head and nodded "Me too." The friends began their way to the forbidden corridor. They stopped at the door way and Abby asked "Ready?"

Jesse and Tyler nodded in unisen while Julie stared straight ahead. Abby said "Alohamora" There was a click and the door swung open.

Chapter 10Edit

Abby took in the room. It had gray walls and no windows. She saw the brown dog. Well, Dogs. She saw James gently playing the Flute and he signaled to them at the Trap door.

She looked at him and asked quietly "How long have you been playing?" James shrugged and made a 'I can't stop' sign. Abby nodded and went to the trap door. She lifted it up and only saw darkness. She said "It never ends..."

Jesse looked down and started to slip down the hole then he fell down the hole.

Abby held her breath when she heard Jesses call.

She leapt down with Julie and Tyler following close behind. James was still playing when they all left. They landed on something squishy and Abby jumped away and said "Devils snare!" Jesse looked down and so did Tyler. They were wrapped in it and Julie was beside Abby.

Jesse asked clamly "Is there a spell?"

Tyler writhed and squirmed and Jesse snapped "Stop squirming it will make it worse!"

Tyler froze and said "It's going fast anyways!"

Abby whispered "Fire!"

She poked the snare and it twitched. She sighed "Totoles Solem!"

A shining light came from her wand.

The Devils snare somwhow screeched and writhed away. Jesse and Tyler fell through the floor.

Abby and Julie leapt down and helped Jesse and Tyler up. Abby looked ahead and said "It's dark!"

Julie pointed "There's a doorway!"

Abby slowly opened it and saw a long hall-way that curved. At the start she saw a standing up troll that was asleep. Abby made a "Shh!" sound and crept into the hall-way the Troll snorted and was quiet again.

Jesse, Julie and Tyler joined her. They began to make their way down the hall way when random itens that were a few feet away from each other apppeard.

The troll started to sleep walk and their breaths became shallow.

Abby thought and whispered something and then the chair in front of them went into the side. She went to the next item and repeated it.

The others helped her and soon they were at the end. The troll stopped in front of them and they had their backs to a trap floor.

The troll opened it's eyes and roared. Abby said "Wait..."

Tyler started to whimper and Jesse yelled "Now!" Abby moved to the side as the troll ran toward them and fell down the hole. Jesse slipped and clutched the edge.

Julie screeched as Jesse slipped and Tyler caught him.

Abby breathed sharply as Jesse climbed out with the help of Tyler. Julie opened the next door. It was a giant chess-board.

Jesse poked one of the huge statues and it came to life. Jesse said "I think we have to play to get to the other side."

Abby said "Um...Tyler your good at this, what should we do?" Tyler looked around then went to the middle.

He said to the queen, castle, knight, and bishop "Abby you be the queen, Jesse you be the knight, Julie you be the Castle and I will be the bishop."

Julie giggled "Are you fat?"

Tyler smirked "Very funny Julie."

Julie took the castles place and Abby took the queens.

Jesse stood a few blocks beside her as Tyler stood beside her. Tyler sighed and started ordering the pawns around then the other chess pieces. Tyler looked around as the turns went by.

Tyler said to Abby "Take out that castle in front of you"

Abby nodded and moved to the castle and poked it. It fell down and broke into severel pieces before going to the side. Abby saw the other queen go toward her and stop.

She flinched when the queen brought her arm down. She saw Tyler go beside her and said "Abby go take the king, She's aiming for me."

Abby nodded as the queen watched Tyler then he sat down admitting defeat. Abby was already at the king and she said "Check-mate!"

The king dropped his crown and slowly moved to the side to reveal the doorway. Jesse looked at Tyler nodded "You three go on, I will stay here!"Tyler said quietly.

He did not stand up so the others went ahead.

When they stepped into the doorway Purple flames went up. Jesse went to a large long oak table. Abby saw that it had seven bottles on the table. Many bottles were different while two of them were the same.

Jesse grabbed a piece of paper.

He said "Well Well...."

Julie asked "What?"

Jesse said quickly "It's a puzzle, Two bottles will kill us, Three bottles hold wine, While the last two will get us through the flames," Jesse grabbed two bottles and said "These two are the ones that will get us through the flames." He gave Abby one and Julie one.

He said "Julie, go get Tyler and James and tell Mrs. Flake where we are!" Julie nodded and took a gulp of her bottle and passed back through the purple flames.

Jesse said "Ladies first!"

Abby rolled her eyes and took a sip. She gave it to Jesse and went through the flames. Jesse followed and soon went down the long steps. They froze in front of a mirror when a voice said "Well, What do we have here?"

Abby looked behind her and saw the new teacher. Who was smiling evily. Abby felt something tie her down to the floor.

She took a sharp intake of breath and looked at Jesse who was standing straight up confused. The teacher circled them and rose his wand and said demented "I have returned!"

He rose his wand when their was a flash behind him. He gasped as two cats came out of no where and attacked him. The white cat kept on attacking him while the gold cat stopped and looked at her. Abby swore it smiled.

The two cats disappeared. The teacher stood up and shook himself then continued "Well....You seem to know the secret of this mirror...."

Abby looked straight at the mirror and saw her self with the stone. She smiled and put it in her pocket. She felt it fall and the teacher shook his head and said "Well...You two are uncooperative, I guess you must see the lord!"

He pushed back his cap and Abby screamed in shock there was another face behind his bald head. Jesses eyes were widened.

The creature said devilishly "Well, Abby you do have the stone..."

The creature started to become faint like a spirit then it attacked Jesse.

Abby jumped back in shock as Jesse lyed on the floor in shock. She had to distract him some how. She felt the stone drop out of her pocket as she pulled out a ruby and said "You want it? Go get it!"

She threw the ruby and Voldemort snickered as she saw Jesse grab the stone and back up slowly. Abby nodded and said in mock desperation "Oh whatever will we do?"

Voldermort looked behind him as Jesse slammed the stone onto the ground as it broke. Voldemort screeched and was about to slam into Jesse but a huge Raven blocked him. It was silvery. It gave Abby a calm feeling.

The spirit dissolved and so did the Raven.

She went to Jesse and asked "Are you ok?"

Jesse shook and nodded "Uh, yes I think so"

He stood up and said "Well.. How do we get out of here?" There was a bang at the flame colored door as Mrs. Flake stepped in.

She said cheerily "Well....Looks like you two destroyed the stone!" She guided them out and they went to the great hall.

Julie, James and Tyler were waiting for them. Tyler said "They are about to annouce the winner to the house cup." Jesse went to the Ravenclaw table and sat down.

Some boys remarked on how he looked battered.

Julie asked "What happened down there?" Abby smiled "Long story."

Mrs.Flake stood up and called "Now that this year is at an end I think we deserve an interesting turn around!" She looked around and continued "Slytherin is leading but..."

The Slytherins gasped and showed remorse on their faces while Mrs. Flake continued "I am rewarding points to Gryffindor and Ravenclaw."

She paused then continued "I give 50 points to Tyler for his amazing wit at Chess when his friends were stuck, I also give Jesse 50 points for figuring out which potion is which, And finally I give Abby 60 points for severel things like showing courage when facing him when she could have died."

The gryffindors and Ravenclaws cheered the most.

Mrs. Flake pointed out the window as the sun rose and she remarked "You should all be going home yes?"

All the first years stood up and went out of the castle and onto the boats and onto the train. They all stopped at Kings cross and saw their families. Abby thought That was awesome

She saw her mom with a blonde haired women who was smiling and her mom said "Abby this is Mrs. Wood!" Abby nodded "Hello, Mrs.Wood!" Mrs.Wood nodded and said in a weird way "Well...I have kids you would get along quite well."

Abby nodded "Can't wait to meet them!" Mrs. Wood nodded as her and her mother walked away from her. Two kids walked up to her and waved after them.